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Property Auctions UK (auction-properties.co.uk) was set up to provide high-quality information to potential buyers in the UK who are interested in purchasing a property at an auction. This could be for the purchase of a family home, for property investment reasons or to use as a buy to let property.

The aim of this website is to provide you with unbiased and quality information that you need in order to make an informed decision at any property auction, whether it be a live “real” auction or an online auction. In addition, we provide information and guides in other areas of the property world such as insurance, investment and landlord information.

Who Is Behind Property Auctions UK?

Property Auctions UK is run by a small team of UK property professionals with a combined property experience of 70 years. This includes extensive experience in property investment, insurance and sales. This puts our team in an excellent position to offer completely unbiased information and buying advice when it comes to the UK property market.

What Other Property Advice Is Available?

We provide information, advice and our own opinions on other areas, such as:

In addition to the areas above, we also offer:

  • Property Guides and Tutorials
  • Useful Property Tools and Utilities
  • Regional and City UK Property Auction Guides

Can You Visit Our Offices?

This used to be the case but since the outbreak of the Covid19 Virus we have made the business decision to work entirely online, at least for the time being. If this changes we will post an update on this page of our website.

What Other Property Help Is Available?

You can get additional help from several UK organisations, including:

Do we sell properties or promote individual properties for sale?

Here at Property Auctions UK we do not sell properties nor do we promote any individual property for sale. The sole purpose of this site is to provide potential property investors and those interested in purchasing a property at auction with the tools and quality information they need to make good property buying decisions.

Legal Information

You can view our terms and conditions of use for this website, our cookie policy for this website and our site privacy policy.

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How To Contact Property Auctions UK

If you would like to contact Property Auctions UK, please use the contact form on our dedicated contact page.

Please note, we do not offer personal property or financial advice.

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