Property Auctions in Coleraine

Photo of a house at property auctions in Coleraine
Property auctions in Coleraine, Northern Ireland often include impressive properties. Photo © Robert Ashby (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Property Auctions In Coleraine

Auction Properties In Coleraine, Northern Ireland

If you are looking for attractive property auctions in Coleraine it is advisable to do some prior research into the type of property you are seeking before attending any sale. There is plenty of choice of bargain properties in Coleraine and because of this the local property auctions in Coleraine are busy and competitive, especially for low cost houses and repossessed properties.

Property Prices In Coleraine

Average house prices in Coleraine, Northern Ireland have been more or less static for the last twelve months but this has not impacted on the amount of properties sold. Most of the properties sold were terraced houses and flats. The prices for these averaged at £142,533 and £116,536 respectively.

Average property prices at property auctions in Coleraine have fallen by 4.67% from the previous year. This provides a perfect opportunity for investors to buy now and get a bargain property, especially if you are buying houses to renovate.

Photo showing flats for sale in Coleraine, Northern Ireland
Property for sale in Coleraine is varied and many good opportunities are available including flats and houses. Photo © Kenneth Allen (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Property For Sale by Auction In Coleraine

The stock of properties for sale by auction in Coleraine is not as extensive as other cities in the UK or indeed other property auctions in Northern Ireland. However, you can find flats, terraced houses, semi-detached and detached houses as well as commercial premises, some of which provide a very good opportunity for property investment.

Just outside of Coleraine there are more modestly priced auction properties and some of the areas you might want to consider are listed below.

Photo of land for sale in Coleraine
There are also some excellent sales of land and plots in Coleraine. Photo © Ian Paterson (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Property in Balleymoney (BT53)

A town of some 10,000 residents, Balleymoney is expanding with some housing developments designed for first time buyers who have been excluded from Coleraine due to the higher prices. There are good road and rail connections to Belfast, Derry and Coleraine.

The centre has an old clock tower and Masonic Hall and every year the town holds an agricultural show and a drama festival. Starting price for a 3-bedroom semi-detached house is £129,950 which is lower than the Northern Ireland average price of around £208,000

Property in Portrush (BT56)

The seaside town of Portrush is on the north coast and is just over 5 miles from Coleraine. It is known for golf, sandy beaches and a water world swimming complex. Each year there is an annual air show and a raft race in the harbour.

Rail lines from Portrush connect with services to Belfast, Derry and further afield. The Ulsterbus services run to the Giant’s Causeway and Bushmills. In spite of property being more expensive in Portrush you can still see a 3-bedroom end of terrace house advertised for around £135,000.

Image showing properties in Portrush, Northern Ireland
Portrush property is always popular at property auctions in Northern Ireland, with bidding competitive and often exceeding expectations. Photo © Kenneth Allen (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Limavady Property (BT49)

Lying some 13 miles to the west of Coleraine is Limavady, a town with around 12,000 residents. It is a 20 minute drive to Coleraine using the A37 and the bus service which runs 3 times a day takes approximately 50 minutes. Property prices are lower than in Coleraine and a 3-bedroom semi-detached cottage is around £95,000. Limavady has good schools and plenty of shops.

Ballybogey Houses and Land (BT53)

Located just over 4 miles from Coleraine is Ballybogey, a small quiet village with around 500 residents. The village lies along the Causeway Coastline has made it a highly desirable location. There is a bus service to the city. Auction property in Ballybogey is scarce so prices are higher than some other villages.

Further Property Resources:

Property in Dervock (BT53)

Located on the banks of a beautiful river, Dervock is a small village with a primary school, a health centre and other community services. There are several shops and the North Irish Horse Inn is a listed building.

The village of Dervock is around 9 miles from Coleraine and the bus service takes 23 minutes. Driving time from Coleraine is 15 minutes via the A26. A modern 3-bedroom semi-detached house for sale in Dervock is priced around £130,000.

Property Auctions in Coleraine FAQ

How Can I Find Property Auctions In Coleraine?

Look at local newspapers for forthcoming auctions and add your name to the contact list of all auction houses in Coleraine and the surrounding area. Auction houses publish details of the next auction about one month in advance.

How Much Are Auction Properties In Coleraine?

Prices for auction properties depend upon location and the state of the building. You can find a 7-bedroom detached house with small-holding for £495,000. Cheaper properties in Coleraine are available for below £50,000.

Which Areas Are Best To Find Bargain Properties In Coleraine?

Both Portrush and Port Stewart are popular for coastal properties. Properties in the centre are sold very quickly. Other villages that are attractive for investors are Limavady and Dervock. Don't be afraid to widen your area of search as many country houses and rural properties are available in this part of Northern Ireland.

Can I Buy Repossessed Properties At Auction In Coleraine?

Repossessed properties in Coleraine are not extensive but are available through banks and finance companies. The local council will also supply a list of any repossessed properties in Coleraine that it is selling. Try looking for repossessed property in Northern Ireland in general as part of your wider property search.

Photo showing the causeway coastline in Northern Ireland
Tourism is lucrative alone the causeway coastline and provide good property rental opportunities. Photo © Suzanne Mischyshyn (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Bargain Property In Coleraine

Coleraine has a wide range of bargain properties including some commercial and industrial premises. Flats for sale in Coleraine are a popular choice for new property investors as Coleraine has many tourists who are attracted to the Causeway Coastline. This makes renting a coastal property a viable option.

Buy-To-Let Properties In Coleraine

Investing in buy-to-let property in Coleraine could provide you with a good annual income. Many tourists stay or pass through Coleraine so investing in either residential property or a commercial outlet is an option for consideration. For a 3-bedroom mid-terrace house you can charge upwards of £495 per calendar month for a long term tenant or much higher prices for tourist and holiday lets.

Residential Auction Properties In Coleraine

Parts of Coleraine can be expensive but there are many bargains available at local property auctions, including derelict and repossessed property in Coleraine. If you are planning to buy a renovation property at auction make sure to conduct a full property survey before committing to any purchase.

Commercial Property For Sale In Coleraine

In the Coleraine area you can buy a small commercial retail unit for about £60,000. There are plenty of opportunities for property investment with pubs, restaurants and premises suitable for conversion into whatever business you want.

Properties close to the centre of Coleraine are priced higher so if you are concerned about footfall, location is an important factor.

Northern Ireland property resources:
Council tax rates in Northern Ireland
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Photo showing commercial property to let in Coleraine
There are many good commercial properties for sale and to rent in the Coleraine area. Photo © Kenneth Allen (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Some Final Thoughts About Property Auctions In Coleraine

Coleraine and the surrounding area has many bargain properties suitable for investors. Popular choices include renovation properties, repossessed houses in Coleraine and wooded land for sale in the area and local land auctions. Equally attractive are the villages just outside of Coleraine where properties can be much cheaper.

Limavady has more modestly priced houses for sale while Portrush is at the other end of the scale with more upmarket houses and flats. The atmosphere at property auctions in Coleraine can be very exciting with bids rapidly accelerating so stay within your budget and make sure that your funds are in place before you bid.

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