Property Auctions in Dorset

Auction properties in Dorset are extremely popular
Auction properties in Dorset are very popular and the property sales are well attended. Image credit: Saffron Blaze

Auction Properties in Dorset

Buying auction properties in Dorset, England

In view of all that it has to offer, more and more people are keen on buying auction properties in Dorset. The attractions of the county include 100 miles of coastline, sandy beaches and picturesque villages further inland. Although agriculture remains the main industry, there are also job opportunities in the sectors of tourism and hospitality, advanced engineering, defence and environmental technologies. With a range of residential, commercial and industrial buildings up for sale, buying auction properties in Dorset is the obvious choice – whether you are in the market for a permanent or holiday home.

Property prices in Dorset

Greater interest in buying property in Dorset has led to price increases across the board although it is not as expensive as homes in the capital and Home Counties.

Property prices in Dorset vary according to location so that homes with sea views or in idyllic villages will demand higher prices. Price is also determined by the age, condition and size of the property put up for sale.

The following average property price list will give you an idea of what you expect to pay for property in Dorset.

  • Detached houses: £390,000-£460,000
  • Semi-detached houses: £295,000-£360,000
  • Terraced houses: £220,000-£250,000
  • Flats: £190,000-£220,000

Where can you find auction properties in Dorset?

You have a number of choices when it comes to deciding on the best place to find an auction property in Dorset. The county consists of urban centres like the county town of Dorchester, seaside towns like Bournemouth and quieter more isolated villages in rural areas. You can make considerable savings by choosing a smaller market town or village 10-15 miles inland rather than on the coast.

Our recommendations of where to buy an auction property in Dorset are as follows:


Located on the south coast, Bournemouth is the biggest town in Dorset with a population of about 170,000. There are many job vacancies in the town especially in the sectors of engineering, retail, aviation and education. Part of the appeal of Bournemouth is that it is suitable for all age groups with excellent retail, cultural and leisure facilities and that it is big enough to be busy even out of the tourist season. It has a wide range of property types including period detached homes, interwar semi-detached houses, terraced houses, bungalows and flats. The average property price in Bournemouth is £275,000 with flats costing around £200,000 and terraced houses £236,000.


Despite being a town in its own right, the outward growth of Bournemouth has meant that along with Poole, these three towns are considered a large conurbation (made up of half a million people). Known as the ‘Garden City’ because of its many parks and greenery, Christchurch is also near the New Forest so would appeal to lovers of nature. The town has a thriving cultural scene including annual food and music festivals. As well as the usual mix of more modern housing stock, Christchurch has a wide variety of larger Georgian and Edwardian period houses (in the £1-£2 million price range). It is more expensive than Bournemouth with an average property price of £367,000.

Lyme Regis

Also known as ‘The Pearl of Dorset’, Lyme Regis – with its sea views and dramatic cliffs – was named one of the best places to live in the south west by the ‘Sunday Times’ (2019). Despite a small population (about 4,000 permanent inhabitants), it has all the amenities of a small English town although much quieter than Bournemouth. Because of this tranquillity and good schools, it especially appeals to people with young families and retirees. The housing stock in the town mainly consists of townhouses, bungalows, 19th-century terraced houses and flats. Prices range from £230,000 for a flat to £600,000+ for detached period townhouses.


Dorset’s historic county town, Dorchester, is situated between Poole and Bridport and has a population of about 20,000 people. Jobs are available in the tourism and hospitality sector although the town also has six industrial estates which contain wholesalers, light manufacturing and the service sector. It especially appeals to families since five of the primary schools in the town have been judged ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. Some of the houses in the town date back to Georgian times (large detached townhouses) while it also has a mix of more recent buildings. Prices in the market town range from £190,000 for a flat to £600,000+ for a 6-bedroomed detached house.


Only 8 miles from the coast and a short drive to Lyme Regis, Beaminster is typical of a Dorset village. It is a rural retreat for those who want to be away from the busy seaside resorts. The village square has a number of independent shops and its small population of 3,000 means that community ties are strong. Beaminster would be ideal for retirees or for anyone wanting to buy a holiday home. Many of the houses in the village square are Georgian stone houses. Prices start from £250,000 for a country cottage and go up to £700,000 for a large detached property.

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What kind of auction properties in Dorset are sold?

Whatever type of auction property you are interested in, you are sure to find what you what. From rural cottages to large industrial space, there is a wide range of property put up for auction in Dorset.

We have highlighted three main types of auction property in Dorset which are worth looking at.

Holiday houses and second homes in Dorset

With the capital only a drive of 2½ hours and direct train services to Waterloo, Dorset is easily accessible – whether you want to spend a weekend or fortnight there. You can choose a seaside resort, rural cottage or a townhouse in one of its urban centres. Before buying an auction property on the coast, we recommend that you visit the resort in both high and low tourist season to have an idea of what it is like. Location is key. Sandbanks in Poole is the costliest place to buy a holiday home in Dorset with properties regularly reaching the £1 million mark. However, if you go to Swanage on the Isle of Purbeck or to the centre of Poole, the price drops by up to a third.

Investment properties in Dorset

The benefit of buying a holiday home in Dorset is that it could also be rented out for short holiday lets during the tourist season.

If you prefer to rent your property for longer periods, you can rent it out to undergraduates. The University of Bournemouth (with teaching facilities in both Bournemouth and Poole) has a student population of 17,000. There are also some colleges of further education in Dorset such as Weymouth College. Alternatively, the demand for housing outstrips supply and young professionals in Dorset are often on the lookout for somewhere to rent. The average monthly rent in Dorset is £1,350.

Auction properties for renovation in Dorset

There is a wide variety of properties put up for auction in Dorset which need some renovation. A 1-2-bedroom flat can be purchased for £100,000-£120,000 in towns like Swanage, Weymouth or Bournemouth. Bungalows and terraced houses in Poole or Dorchester could cost as little as £140,000-£160,000. In the higher price bracket detached or townhouses can be found in Weymouth or Bournemouth for £250,000-£330,000.

When buying such auction properties, it is important that a full survey is carried out and that you budget for renovation in your auction property financing. Also, you should be careful if it is a listed property because this might restrict the renovations you will be allowed to carry out.

5 reasons to buy auction property in Dorset

The beauty of Dorset

Although best-known for its beaches (25 of which have been awarded Blue Flags), over 40% of the county has been designated AONB (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty). This includes the 95-mile Jurassic Coast which is the only natural UNESCO World Heritage Site in England.

Transport links to and from Dorset

Although no motorway goes through Dorset, it has the A303 in the north which makes it easy to reach other parts of the UK by car. There are also regular train and coach services. Dorset is served by Bournemouth airport which has flights to over 30 domestic and international destinations.

Relaxed lifestyle in Dorset

Dorset is popular with retirees or anyone who wants to get away from the stresses of urban life. With a more relaxed stance towards the life-work balance, it is little wonder that Dorset has the highest life expectancy in the UK (86.6 for women and 82.9 for men).

Range of activities in Dorset

The urban centres of Dorset have all the cultural amenities (theatres, cinemas, etc.) while the county hosts a number of annual festivals such as the Swanage Jazz Festival and Sherborne Abbey Festival. For sports fans, there is a variety of water- and land-based sports amenities.

Good weather in Dorset

Statistics have proved that Dorset has 364 more hours of sunshine than any other place in the UK. As the sunniest county with the best weather, this allows you to do more outdoor activities from walks to barbecues.

Conclusion about buying auction properties in Dorset

With its mixture of urban, rural and coastal landscapes, Dorset is the ideal place to buy an auction property if you like variety. There is a range of indoor and outdoor activities to do there as well as over 12,000 listed buildings to visit. It is suitable for all age groups from the single to the retired who will all find something to appeal to them in the county.

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