Property Auctions in England

Auction properties in England
Prices for properties sold at auction around England vary greatly depending on the location and type of property.

Auction Properties In England

Property auctions around different parts of England

Buying a property is one of the most important financial transactions you will make and it is remarkably straightforward as long as you have the correct information.

In addition to being exciting, buying auction properties in England is potentially profitable and it avoids the lengthy process associated with buying through normal channels. Once a final bid has been accepted and the sale is confirmed, you become responsible for the deposit, the remainder of the payment and fees associated with the sale.

Conducting thorough research is key to the successful purchase of an auction property and there are plenty of tips available about how to achieve this. Try attending an auction without buying to see how things are done and then identify which types of property interest you. Comparing prices between similar properties will allow you to assess the real market value.

The first step is to think about which area of England would be best for your investment. So, let’s look at some of the best parts of England to find auction properties.


Devon is a popular tourist destination with many coastal towns and villages that feature a wide range of residential and commercial properties. Auction properties in Devon are also situated in rural inland areas so there are plenty of opportunities for investors.

Whether you are searching for a small cottage to renovate, a modern apartment with a sea view or want to buy a commercial property and open a business, Devon has a lot to offer. There is an increasing demand for auction properties in England and Devon is an ideal choice for investment.


Property auctions in England are becoming more frequent as buyers see the advantages of lower prices. Due to the wide range of residential and commercial properties available, Bristol has come to the fore as one of the most popular choices for investors.

Prices for properties in Bristol are continuing to increase but you can still find modestly priced houses and flats. Auction properties in Bristol feature flats, houses and commercial premises that are more affordable than most of the properties sold through estate agents.

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If you decide to choose Birmingham to find auction properties in England you will not be disappointed. Due to its industrial past there are small older houses suitable for renovation and properties that can be combined for both business and residential use. There are also large detached houses in the suburbs and modernised loft apartments overlooking the city centre canals.

Birmingham has undergone many regeneration projects and these are ongoing. Locating the best auction properties in Birmingham is a matter of research and diligence. Take time to visit before attending an auction and ask local people for recommendations about the up and coming areas.

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Kent is known as the Garden of England and in the past the economy was largely agricultural. Due to increased infrastructure, Kent is now one of the counties where you can buy auction properties in England and know that there are good links to the capital.

With 350 miles of coastline and a swathe of rural picturesque villages, Kent is a good choice whether you want to invest in a buy-to-let property or intend to live there. You can find town houses, flats, terraced houses and post-war semis so the range of available auction properties in Kent is extensive.


The allure of Cornwall is obvious. This beautiful county is captivating with its stunning landscapes, seascapes and a slower way of life. Many people want to retire to Cornwall and attend property auctions in England and Cornwall itself as a means of getting the home of their dreams. The popularity of Cornwall as a tourist destination is another reason to consider purchasing a property.

The county has a fair share of normal houses but there are also some unique auction properties in Cornwall that will not be found elsewhere in England. Converted barns, deserted mills and redundant chapels are some of the unusual types of auction properties that are available in Cornwall.


Many people consider Manchester to be the second city of England. Thoroughly modernised with some amazing apartments along the canal network, Manchester has tremendous opportunities if you are looking for auction properties in England.

The population of Manchester is increasing especially amongst students and younger people so purchasing a property in Manchester could provide you with a good income from rentals. Prices for auction properties in Manchester are lower than those in the south and the capital.


Buying a house or investing in a property in the capital might appear expensive but you can reduce some of the costs by buying from property auctions in England. Prices in London can be excessive compared to other parts of the country but there are some bargains if you know where to search. London is large and some areas just a little way out from the city centre offer a better chance for buyers with smaller sums to invest.

With an increase in the number of young people wanting to rent, looking at auction properties in London can be a good prospect for investment in buy-to-let homes. There are lots of terraced houses and flats as well as larger properties. The majority of auction businesses are in London so there are plenty of opportunities to view properties that will meet your needs.

East Anglia

The extension of transport links from the capital to East Anglia makes it a good choice when searching for auction properties in England. There are lots of different kinds of property available including some abandoned cottages and barns suitable for conversion.

If you are looking for commercial premises you can search through auction properties in East Anglia and find a wide selection. The proximity of the Norfolk Broads also makes this an ideal place for investment in a holiday home.

North West England

North West England covers a large area and has a wealth of affordable properties. There are some exclusive areas like Cheshire where prices are higher than the urban areas. Many auction properties in England are situated in the cities and towns but there are also options to buy in beautiful areas like Cumbria.

Good transport links in the area make finding auction properties in North West England a simpler task. The multi-motorway network and excellent railway routes have opened up this large area for many people who want to invest in auction properties.

North East England

Buying auction properties in England is the aim of many investors both from the UK and from abroad. The lower cost of living along with the variety of properties on offer has made North East England a much sought after place for an investment. This is an area that has everything you could want. Cosmopolitan city life sits alongside extensive beautiful countryside which makes buying auction properties in North East England a great proposition.


Of all the Northern cities, Liverpool is one that truly stands out. If you want to invest in buying auction properties in England, Liverpool is an excellent location with a wide choice of properties. The distinctive character of the city and the friendly people who live there are just two reasons why buying auction properties in Liverpool is so attractive.


Set in the heart of the Midlands but closely surrounded by stunning countryside, Nottingham offers plenty of opportunities for buying auction properties in England. The city has flats, houses and mixed use properties available. If you are looking for a modern up to date city with a mix of neighbourhoods you should give serious consideration to buying auction properties in Nottingham.


As the third largest city in the UK, Leeds has become a very popular choice when it comes to buying auction properties in England. Detached houses, semis and flats are all far more affordable in Leeds than in many other English cities and the cost of living is also lower. Excellent transport links are another factor which has made buying auction properties in Leeds a favoured property investment location.


Famed for football, hospitality, bridges and the metro system, Newcastle is exceptionally popular for investors who are buying auction properties in England. The growth of the city and the regeneration projects that continue to take place are two good reasons to look at investment in the city. The higher than average rise in house prices has boosted the demand for auction properties in Newcastle.

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