Property Auctions in Essex

Photo of a house sold at property auctions in Essex, England
As you would imagine, property auctions in Essex are busy and very competitive with a wide range of auction properties in Essex. Photo © Trevor Harris (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Property Auctions In Essex, England

For those priced out of the London property market and more fashionable areas in the south-east of England, attending property auctions in Essex has become a more affordable choice.

Despite the stereotypical image of the county, Essex has more to offer than you might expect. From the Thames estuary to ‘Constable County’, Essex is above all a county of contrasts.

There are an excellent range of bargain auction properties in Essex, from rural property for sale such as houses in the country to properties for renovation. It’s little wonder that property auctions in Essex are often busy and very well attended.

Picture of a rural property in Essex
Auction properties in Essex range from rural houses to good quality renovation properties for sale. Photo © Roger Jones (cc-by-sa/2.0)

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Property Prices In Essex

How much is property in Essex?

The average price of property in Essex is £360,000 for a semi-detached house and £199,000 for a flat while terraced houses in Essex cost around £288,000.

Property prices in Essex vary greatly across the county and depends on a number of factors. One is the proximity to the capital so an area like Brentwood is significantly higher with a house costing an average of £480,000 and a flat £260,000.

Another factor affecting Essex house prices is how popular an area is with home buyers. You can buy a cheaper house in a less sought-after town like Harlow for an average of £250,000.

Photo of some flats being renovated in Brentwood, Essex
Places like Brentwood are generally more expensive for property buyers, but cheaper properties can be found, such as property to renovate. Photo © Malc McDonald (cc-by-sa/2.0)

The Best Property Auctions In Essex

The housing stock in Essex is the usual mix of post-war semi-detached houses, terraced houses, rural properties and Georgian and Victorian townhouses or villas.

In the rural parts of Essex, you will also be able to find timber-beamed farmhouses (dating back to Medieval times), traditional country cottages (with thatched or peg tiles roofs) and timber or brick barn conversions. These types of houses rarely come onto the market, so they tend to attract a lot of interest from developers, investors and those looking for something different.

As far as property auctions in Essex are concerned, it is worth remembering the same auction house in Essex usually has completely different properties for sale from week to week.

Property In Colchester

The UK’s oldest town (founded by the Romans in 79AD), Colchester is located on the border with Suffolk and in the heart of the countryside. Its location is the reason why it is one of the most expensive cities in Essex to purchase property with houses costing £325,000-£380,000 depending on their size.

the Colchester suburbs of Springfield and Broomfield have cheaper property prices than nearer the centre (£220,000-£250,000). Buying property for sale in Colchester is especially popular with families who enjoy the range of outdoor and entertainment facilities on offer in Colchester, as well as the high standard of schools in the city.

Photo of houses for sale in Colchester, Essex
Colchester is very popular when it comes to property auctions in Essex. The oldest town in the UK offers an excellent variety of property for sale. Photo © David Smith (cc-by-sa/2.0

Chelmsford Property Auctions

Voted as one of the best places to live by the ‘Sunday Times’ (2018), Chelmsford is the UK’s newest city (awarded city status by the Queen in 2012).

With a 35-minute commute to London by train and all the entertainment and retail facilities of a modern city, Chelmsford property auctions are busy with eager house hunters looking for a bargain house or flat.

Property for sale in Chelmsford ranges from large detached townhouses to small bedsits. The average price of property there is £390,000. However, one-bedroom houses can be purchased from £220,000.

Property Auctions In Basildon

Basildon is one of the most affordable towns for those who work in the capital but who cannot afford to buy a house or flat in London.

The average price of property in Basildon is £290,000 for a semi-detached house, £180,000 for a flat and £755,000 for a larger detached house. As one of the designated new towns built in the post-war period, the vast majority of its houses are relatively new and are predominantly semi-detached houses on housing estates, many ex-council homes.

Property auctions in Basildon, Essex are a good option for those who work in the capital but want to spend less on a house or flat.

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Property In Southend-on-Sea

With more and more people choosing foreign holidays, Southend has gone out of fashion over the past 30 years. This works in favour of the home buyer, however, since it means that homes for sale in Southend-On-Sea are greatly undervalued.

You could pick up property sold by a property auction house in Southend for as little as £200,000-£240,000. Most homes in the centre of the seaside resort are terraced houses or Victorian townhouses, some of which have been neglected.

Buying an auction property in Southend is particularly recommended for anyone who wants to renovate a property – either for their own personal use or for property investment purposes.

Flats for sale at Southend property auctions
property auctions in Southend are a very good option for those seeking a cheap house in Essex, such as these flats for sale. Photo © David Kemp (cc-by-sa/2.0

Property In Manningtree, Essex

Located at the head of the River Stour, Manningtree was voted the 7th best place to live in the east of England by the ‘Sunday Times’ (2019). It has the beauty of Suffolk (close to the Dedham Vale, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) but with more affordable Essex auction house prices.

For those who wish to enjoy the facilities of a big city, Colchester is only 8 miles away. A house for sale in Manningtree can be purchased for under £200,000 although it might need some renovation work. This is also the place to look if you are after unusual property types such as barn conversions or traditional thatched cottages.

If you have access to a renovation budget and don’t mind looking for a property in the countryside, there are a lot of opportunities when it comes to derelict properties and run down buildings. These often appear at property auctions in Essex.

Property Auctions in Essex FAQ

How can I find auction properties in Essex?

Property auctions in Essex are sometimes advertised in the local press. Because of its close proximity to the capital, London-based auction property websites are another way to find out about houses put up for auction. Use the site’s search tool to limit your search to Essex.

How much are auction properties in Essex?

Property prices in Essex range from £200,000-£750,000 depending on their location, age, condition and type of property. There are usually a wide variety of properties available for sale at property auctions in Essex.

Which areas are best to find property auctions in Essex?

The best places to look for property auctions in Essex are Colchester, Chelmsford, Basildon, Brentwood and Harlow, however be open minded as many rural properties for sale in Essex also appear at local property auctions.

Can I buy repossessed properties in Essex?

Yes, repossessed property in Essex often appears at local property auctions. The listing will mention if the property has been repossessed. Before putting in a bid for a repossessed property in Essex, ensure that a thorough survey and a legal search is done.

Types Of Property Auctions In Essex

Apart from a wide variety of general housing stock, property auctions in Essex also include commercial properties, mixed-use and repossessed properties. For anyone interested in buying a property at an Essex auction house, we recommend the following types:

Repossessed Property In Essex

You may not imagine looking for repossessed property in Essex but when you consider the local house prices, at least in certain areas, it becomes easier to understand why repossessed houses in Essex often make an appearance at property auctions.

There are a number of reasons why buying a repossessed property in Essex is a good idea. Firstly, you may get a bargain property as the lender is simply trying to recover the monies owed on the property when it is sold at auction.

Secondly, house repossessions happen for a number of reasons and it does not mean there is anything wrong with the property itself. However, you should employ a professional property surveyor before bidding on any repossessed property in Essex.

Photo of a repossessed house in Essex
Repossessed or run down property for sale in Essex takes many forms, although it may not always be an older or derelict property. Photo © Geographer (cc-by-sa/2.0

Investment Property In Essex

As rents increase across the whole of the south and south-east of England, many people are looking for property to rent in less fashionable Essex. This makes the place ideal for investors who are interested in the buy-to-let property market.

Urban areas like Basildon, Brentwood and Dagenham are the best places to look with a predicted rental yield of up to 25%. Holiday homes for sale in Essex can be purchased in Southend, Clacton or Frinton from £200,000 and can be used for short holiday lets.

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Rural Property For Sale In Essex

Despite being the most densely populated area in the east of England (accounting for a quarter of its population), 75% of Essex is designated as rural areas. If you are interested in finding a more rural property for sale within easy commuting distance of London, Essex property auctions are a great choice.

The borough of Thurrock is one of the cheapest places in Essex to buy with an average property price of £236,000, and it includes picturesque villages like Purfleet. Other villages or small market towns worth looking at include Saffron Waldon, Castle Hedingham and Dedham although they tend to be more expensive.

The average price of property in Dedham, Essex, for example, is £630,000.

Photo of an abandoned house for sale in Essex
Attending multiple property auctions in Essex and being patient is the way to find one of the many bargain properties still available. Photo © Trevor Harris (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Essex Property Resources:

Auction Properties In Essex

There are many reasons why people might want to buy auction properties in Essex. Firstly, bidding on auction properties offers a great way to get a good deal on a house. Since the property is being auctioned off, there is often a lot of competition from other buyers, which can also drive the price up, even for derelict, abandoned or run down properties around Essex.

Additionally, property auction houses in Essex are typically reputable businesses, so buyers can be sure that they are dealing with an established Essex auction house.

Sourcing Houses For Auction In Essex

Houses for auction in Essex can be found through a variety of sources, including online auction websites, newspapers, and local Essex estate agents.

It is important to do some research ahead of time to find out which auction houses in Essex are reputable and offer good deals on properties. Additionally, it is important to have a realistic idea of what you can afford before bidding on a property for sale by auction in Essex.

Image of a listed building for sale in Essex
Some auction properties in Essex may be listed properties and may require renovation. Look into this carefully before bidding. Photo © Michael Dibb (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Run Down Houses For Sale In Essex

While it is possible to find run down houses for sale in Essex, in the form of derelict properties, abandoned houses and property which needs to be completely renovated, you should be aware that properties like these generally sell quickly at Essex property auctions.

Many investors have the funds and the means to buy a run down house or even a barn suitable for conversion and transform it within a matter of months. So, even if you do spot a run down property in Essex, don’t be surprised if the bidding exceeds your expectations.

Before You Bid On Property For Auction In Essex

When buying property for auction in Essex, it is important to be aware of the risks involved. Since the sale is final and there is no way to back out once the bidding has begun, it is important to be confident that you are getting a good deal on the property.

Additionally, auction properties in Essex may need some repairs or renovations before they are ready to live in, so it is important to factor that into your budget.

However, if you are willing to take on these risks, buying auction properties in Essex can be a great way to get a good deal on a house. With a little research and planning, you can find a great property at a price that you can afford.

Image of some houses in a rural area of Essex, England
Staying away from larger towns and finding a house which needs attention is a sensible strategy at most Essex property auctions. Photo © Malc McDonald (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Conclusion: Essex Property Auctions

Buying auction properties in Essex is the best option for property buyers who can’t afford properties in the commuter belt to the south and west of London. Apart from plentiful employment opportunities in the capital, Essex is home to 50,000 businesses which employ 500,000 people.

With London salaries and affordable housing in Essex, you can enjoy a good standard of living. Most property auctions in Essex have a wide variety of lots for sale, sometimes even good quality land for sale by auction or even woodland for sale.

Take your time, narrow down your choices of both properties and areas, then start by contacting a property auction house in Essex and asking for their catalogue of future property auctions in Essex. This will give you an idea for the property auction guide prices and the types of properties for sale in Essex.

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