Property Auctions in South Wales

Photo of a stone house in South Wales, UK, sold by property auctions in Soth Wales
property auctions in Soth Wales offer a wide variety of high quality residential properties for sale. Photo © Joseph Jones (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Property Auctions In South Wales, UK

The desire to live at the coast is just one of the factors that lead many people towards attending property auctions in South Wales.

This guide will lead you through some of the questions you may have and provide information about buying houses, flats, land, rural properties, repossessed property and more at popular property auctions in South Wales.

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Property Prices In South Wales

In January 2021 the average property price in Wales stood at £161,719, an annual rise of 2%. However, there are regional differences in property prices in South Wales. Prices in Cardiff showed a growth of 4.1% from 2019 and the average price in January 2020 was £216,063.

Property prices in Swansea are lower and in the same month showed an average price of £152,423 but a higher than average growth rate of 3.6% over the previous year.

Property auctions in South Wales can offer homes, land and properties purchased at lower prices than the average properties listed by estate agents. The more industrialised areas of the region have a range of properties at lower prices.

Image showing a derelict church for sale in South Wales, UK
If you take your time some of the property auctions in South Wales offer excellent and interesting lots, such as this derelict church. Photo © John Lord (cc-by-sa/2.0)

In the former mining town of Merthy Tydfil auction prices for a large 2-bedroom terrace start with a guide price of £43,000. A the upper end of the market in Glamorgan you can expect to see a guide price of over £600,000 for a 4-bedroom detached house.

Photo showing stone terraced houses in Swansea, Wales
Swansea offers very good value for money when houses and flats appear at property auctions in South Wales. Photo © Jaggery (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Finding Property Auctions In South Wales

Take your personal requirements into consideration before attending property auctions in South Wales. If you are looking for accessible transport links and good shopping facilities then investigating the Welsh property market market in cities such as Swansea or Cardiff is a good idea.

Similarly, if you are prepared to compromise on some of your priorities, you can widen the search to involve cheaper rural property or more remote properties in Wales.

Listed below are some of the popular areas in South Wales where you can find properties for sale by auction.

Property In Cardiff

The transport links to and from Cardiff make it a good proposition for buying auction properties. There are direct rail links to Bridgend and Newport and cross-Wales rail services to the rest of the UK, notably the Midlands and the South.

Around Cardiff Bay properties are expensive but in other parts of the city you can find moderately priced terrace houses, flats and studio apartments. Urban properties for sale in Cardiff are largely Victorian buildings.

Swansea Property Auctions

The second largest city in South Wales, Swansea is close to the M4 Motorway and has rail services to other parts of Wales and to Shrewsbury in the North East. Swansea is an excellent place to source cheap property for sale, particularly property to renovate and even repossessed properties.

Swansea university is a centre of excellence and the high demand for rental properties, particularly flats, makes this a good prospect for property investment in South Wales.

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Image showing a private house sold in South Wales
Houses and other buildings, such as barns, chapels and derelict properties in areas such as Monmouthshire in South Wales can offer beautiful homes for a fraction of the cost of city life. Photo © Colin Madge (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Property In Monmouthshire

Transport in the historic county of Monmouthshire is served by buses and the railway which has limited services to Manchester and Cardiff Central. Within the countryside you can find an array of derelict and abandoned properties, such as chapels and pubs which are ripe for conversion into homes.

The largest town is Abergavenny where many modernised flats are contained within older buildings. There are also semi-detached and detached houses. The location makes property here more expensive than others sold at property auctions in South Wales.

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Property Sales In Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire has a beautiful coastline that is designated as a National Park. Tourism plays an important part of the economy so the rental property market is very lucrative. There is a rail station at Pembroke which has services to Swansea and there are lines that cover the popular seaside resort of Tenby.

Photo of coastal properties in Pembroke, Wales
Pembroke offers lovely coastal properties, many of which can be refurbished and renovated then let out as holiday homes. Photo © Alan Hunt (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Many property investors buy terraced houses which can be refurbished and renovated then let out as holiday homes. A 3-bedroom detached bungalow in need of modernisation will attract a guide price of around £120,000.

Rhondda Valley Property

The Rhondda Valley was previously well know for its industrial heritage which heavily featured mining and iron works. Due to this history there are a lot of excellent property opportunities, especially with older homes and other buildings suitable for renovation.

Average house prices in Rhondda are lower than other areas in South Wales. Flats sell for around £114,000 and terraced houses go for an average of £95,000. However, a terraced house at auction can start with a guide price as low as £25,000 so there are lots of opportunities for investors.

Property Auctions in South Wales FAQ

How Can I Find Property Auctions In South Wales?

Property auctions in South Wales are advertised in local newspapers, free papers, property magazines and online. You can also contact local banks and property repossession companies to find out about any property being sold at auction.

How Much Are Properties In South Wales?

A 3-bedroom detached house in South Wales can start with a guide price as low as £90,000. A large 4-bedroom detached house sold at auction in Swansea can cost upwards of £300,000. Prices depend upon location, size and the condition of the property. Take your time and browse the property auction catalogue carefully in order to find properties within your price range.

Can I Buy Repossessed Properties At Auction In South Wales?

Repossessed properties up for auction in South Wales are advertised by banks or finance companies. You can find a selection of residential and commercial properties as well as renovation projects and derelict buildings. Contacting banks or companies will give you an idea of the kind of repossession properties that may be sold at auction in Wales.

Which Areas Are The Best For Property Bargains In South Wales?

The best area to buy bargain properties in South Wales price-wise tend to be Swansea, Pembrokeshire, The Rhondda Valley and around Monmouthshire. A variety of more expensive properties are available in the cities whilst towns and villages offer more modestly priced houses and flats.

Image showing an old block of flats suitable for renovation
If you don’t mind taking on a renovation project then there are plenty of good opportunities around south Wales as local property auctions. Photo © Derek Harper (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Properties Sold In South Wales Auctions

You can buy many different types of properties at South Wales property auctions. With choices of residential, commercial, renovation projects or buy-to-let in a variety of locations, South Wales provides many property opportunities.

Buy-To-Let Properties For Auction In South Wales

Over the long-term the property market has proved a success for investors purchasing buy-to-let properties in South Wales.

However, investing in this type of property is not the same as buying a home in which to live. The demand for buy-to-let often lies in areas close to schools, shops and good transport links so these are good indicators of which locations to consider.

Residential Property Auctions In South Wales

There are plenty of different residential properties for auction in South Wales. In former mining towns there are rows of terrace houses that are very moderately priced.

You can also discover hidden property opportunities in the countryside and rural properties are proving as popular as town apartments. Guide price for a 3-bedroom house in South Wales can be as low as £34,000.

Photo showing an empty disused shop in Wales
If you are considering buying an empty commercial property at auction in South Wales, make sure the property fits all your requirements before bidding. Photo © Bill Nicholls (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Commercial Properties For Sale By Auction In South Wales

In addition to the many shops and industrial premises in South Wales you can find unusual kinds of commercial properties. Garages, an electricity sub station and closed down churches are all available.

Location is important if you want to buy premises to run as a retail store. Look at the proximity to the town centre and consider factors such as parking, access and proximity to settlements.

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