Property Auctions in Wales

Photo of a beautiful house in Wales
Due to high demand, property auctions in Wales are busy and bidding on country houses can be hectic and aggressive. Photo © John Haynes (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Property Auctions in Wales

Buying auction properties in Wales

If you are on the lookout for property auctions in Wales, our buyers guide will answer any question you may have about finding your ideal property which may be for sale by auction in Wales.

Wales attracts people from all walks of life, some looking for a primary residence while others are looking for a holiday home or retreat. With a population of just over 3 million (4.8% of the UK population), the small size of Wales to many.

It should be noted that due to the high demand for properties in Wales, especially rural homes, country houses and coastal properties such as seaside cottages, when a property auction in Wales is announced you can expect good attendance and competitive bidding on desirable properties.

Image showing a rural property for sale at auction in Wales
Certain property auctions in Wales can be extremely competitive, especially when desirable rural properties are up for sale. Photo © Bill Nicholls (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Property Prices in Wales

Property prices in Wales are significantly lower than most other parts of the UK.

In some parts of the country, prices can be over a third lower (35%) although there are areas of Wales which have seen property prices rise as fast as the rest of the country.

The most expensive places when it comes to property auctions in Wales tend to be the largest Welsh largest cities: Cardiff, Swansea and Newport. It is still possible to pick up a bargain property in these places although the property will probably need extensive renovation including structural repairs.

Photo showing flats for sale by auction in Cardiff, Wales
While there are frequent property auctions in Places like Cardiff, it’s best to stay away from the larger cities if you are looking for a bargain property. Photo © Colin Smith (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Wales Land Transaction Tax Calculator

Use our Wales land transaction tax (LTT) calculator to determine the amount of LTT you would pay on a property in Wales. Please note our Wales LTT calculator is for guidance only, you should seek professional advice to get exact figures relating to your specific property.

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Where to look for property auctions in Wales

Although most people are familiar with the largest Welsh cities such as Cardiff, there are also other lucrative places where you could find properties put up for auction in Wales. Our list of some recommended locations for property auctions in Wales include:

Property Auctions in Cardiff, Wales

With a population of about 362,000, Cardiff would appeal to home buyers who wish to live in an urban centre with all the facilities you would expect from a city such as shopping, entertainment and sports.

The property market in Cardiff is very similar to the more general UK property market in terms of what is on offer such as a mix of terraced, semi-detached and detached properties, mostly dating from Victorian times to new-builds.

The average price for residential property in Cardiff is £250,000, although property auctions in Wales are generally around 30% cheaper, but there are better deals available if the property is smaller or in bad condition. There are also opportunities to buy commercial and industrial properties at Cardiff property auctions.

Photo of flats for sale at a property auction in Cardiff, Wales
There are property bargains in Cardiff and other Welsh cities if you are prepared to do a degree of renovation and upgrading. Photo © John Lord (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Auction Properties in Barry

Located on the coast in the Vale of Glamorgan, Barry is the largest town in Wales (population: 55,000). It is the ideal choice for home buyers whose work is in Cardiff but are unable to pay Cardiff property prices.

Barry is within easy commuting distance of the Welsh capital and has seen a lot of interest from people priced out of the Cardiff’s property market. A property worth £250,000 in Cardiff can be purchased in Barry for around £190,000. However, prices have risen by nearly 11% over the past five years and this trend seems set to continue.

There is usually a wide range of properties for sale by auction in Barry, varying from semi-detached houses in the town centre to older properties available for renovation around the waterfront area.

Photo showing properties for sale in Pontypool, Wales
Places like Pontypool should not be excluded when considering locations for property auctions in Wales. Photo © John Lord (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Property in Pontypool, Wales

Located in Torfaen county, Pontypool has seen growing interest from home buyers over recent years with prices rising 10% since 2019. The most expensive property is £181,000 but this would be a detached property in a prime location.

Many houses sold at auction would cost considerably less. Torfaen county is much cheaper than neighbouring Monmouthshire but is more accessible for anyone wishing to commute via the M4.

Auction properties in Pontypool include the usual styles of residential properties (a mix of terraced, semi-detached and detached) as well as cottages, smallholdings and other rural properties in this part of Wales. Many of these are ripe for conversion if your auction property financing allows you to budget for this.

Photo of cottages for sale in Powys, Wales
Anyone interested in Welsh property auctions should look in the Powys area for a selection of beautiful cottages and rural properties. Photo © M J Roscoe (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Property in Llandrindod Wells (Powys)

A former spa town, which reached the peak of its popularity in Victorian times, Llandrindod Wells is ideal for property buyers who want to get away from it all or who wish to buy a holiday home.

With the appeal of foreign holidays, fewer visitors come to the town so you would not have all the problems that other parts of Wales often face in the summer. Another reason to buy a home here is the number of unique properties put up for sale at auction including large Victorian townhouses and Art Deco properties.

The Powys area is also worth considering for anyone interested in a rural or remote property in Wales. Property auctions in Powys, Wales could be as much as 40% cheaper than similar property auctions around the UK.

Photo of houses for sale in Bangor, Wales
Bangor presents some interesting opportunities when searching through property auctions in Wales. Photo © John Lord (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Property in Bangor

Situated in the north west of Wales, Bangor’s population is estimated to be around 20,000.

Despite its relatively small size, Bangor is classed as a city although the local property market is what you would expect from a small town in the rest of the UK (predominantly terraced and semi-detached homes).

The population of Bangor is boosted by the number of students studying at its university during term time. This makes it the ideal location for someone wishing to buy a property for investment purposes which could be then become a rental property for local tenants and undergraduates.

Property Auctions in Wales FAQ

How can I find property auctions in Wales?

Although auction houses publish catalogues of upcoming property auctions, the quickest way to find property auctions in Wales is by registering with an auction house in the area of Wales you are interested in. Visiting auction houses will give you an overview of what is available. You can also look in Welsh business directories and attend a live property auction near your desired location.

How much are auction properties in Wales?

The price of auction properties in Wales varies widely from £20,000-£250,000 depending on their location, size, condition and the type of property you are interested in. The most popular type of property sold at auction in Wales tends to be cottages in the countryside, with an average auction sale price of £188,000.

Which areas are best to find property auctions in Wales?

Depending on your personal preferences, such as whether you wish an urban, rural or coastal location, the best places to find property for sale by auction in Wales are: Cardiff, Swansea, Bangor, Newport, Wrexham and Barry.

Can I buy repossessed property at auction in Wales?

Yes, some repossessed property in Wales are sold at Welsh property auctions. However, when creditors choose this way of selling it is often because the property has been difficult to sell through an estate agent. Try contacting local auction houses in Wales to get an idea of repossessed property for sale around Wales.

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Finding property auctions in Wales

Whatever kind of property you are looking for, property auctions in Wales are very diverse will cover your needs – from residential and renovation properties to industrial and Welsh commercial property.

You will also better value for your money buy buying property at auction in Wales. For the price of a 1-bedroom flat in many UK cities, you will be able to pick up a detached house with spacious garden in some parts of Wales.

Photo of a derelict cottage in Wales
If you are prepared to undertake renovation work, you can buy a derelict or remote property in Wales by auction. Photo © John Lord (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Let’s look at our recommendations for property in Wales.

Properties for renovation in Wales

Once your auction property financing is in order, you will have a clearer idea of your budget. Cheaper prices in Wales mean that in some parts of the country you will be able to pick up a terraced house at a property auction for as little as £20,000-£60,000.

Many of these auction bargains are located in less affluent areas like Rhondda Cynon Taf. In small towns like Ferndale and Aberdale, these former miners’ terraced cottages are ideal for a home buyer who has the funds to fix up the house and put their own personal stamp on it with extensive renovations.

Apart from these areas, former seaside resorts like Llandudno also have excellent properties for renovation. In such towns, properties tend to be larger and more varied.

After the necessary structural work, former Victorian townhouses could easily be kept as a residence or converted into guesthouses or used as a rental property if you wish to become a private landlord.

Rural property for auction in Wales

Compared to other parts of the UK, it is relatively recently that Welsh people have left their villages and the agricultural industry to seek employment opportunities in large cities. This has left a vacuum in rural areas which has great potential.

Across the whole of the country, you will find country cottages (often with a plot of land attached), farmhouses and barns at bargain prices. Your choice of location will depend on how close you wish to be to transport links to the rest of the UK.

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