Property Auctions In Yorkshire

Photo of a house for sale at property auctions in Yorkshire
Property auctions in Yorkshire, England have an excellent selection of urban and rural properties for sale. Photo © Christine Johnstone (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Property Auctions In Yorkshire, England

The size of the county is one reason why buying at property auctions in Yorkshire can be a good investment. Whether you intend to live there or want to invest in property for the future, there is much to recommend Yorkshire.

As well as expensive properties situated in the city centres and the vast countryside there are plenty of more affordable options. This article will provide information and help you to focus your search for auction properties in Yorkshire.

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Property Prices In Yorkshire

In June 2021 the annual price rise for properties in the UK stood at 2.1%. Prices have risen by 0.3% since February 2022. Overall Yorkshire saw an annual rise of 1.8% but prices do vary depending on which part of this vast area you choose to buy property.

The average price for a property in Yorkshire stands at £199,535 at June 2021. Semi-detached homes sold for an average of £179,079 and terraced properties for £143,065. You can expect prices at property auctions in Yorkshire to be lower than those listed at estate agents.

Photo of a house for auction in Yorkshire
Yorkshire offers an excellent selection of quality properties for sale around the country. Photo © Trevor Littlewood (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Where Should You Look For Property Auctions In Yorkshire?

Yorkshire is the largest county in England and there are large cities, small market towns and villages as well as remote countryside locations and seaside resorts. All offer property auctions and where you look will depend upon your individual needs. This section lists five different areas in Yorkshire where you can search for property auctions in Yorkshire.

House Auctions In York

In addition to being a cathedral city, York has a prestigious university and an economy based on the service industry. The transport links make York a popular choice for investors and the city is a cultural haven. Property prices can be high but you get more house for your money than in the capital.

You can expect a guide price of £250,000 for a large 5-bedroom semi-detached house.

Rotherham Property Auctions

Rotherham is centred on the banks of the River Don. There is a thriving shopping centre and Clifton Park is an open space with sports facilities. Away from the town centre the landscape is largely rural. Rotherham Central Station has connecting trains to Sheffield and Manchester.

The lower property prices make Rotherham a good prospect for property investors and anyone thinking of becoming a landlord. Starting price for a 2-bedroom semi can be as low as £20,000. There is also older housing with a guide price for a 4-bedroom end-of-terrace listing at £25,000.

Photo of houses for sale in Rotherham, Yorkshire
Houses and flats in Rotherham often feature at property auctions in Yorkshire and as lots for sale at local house auctions in Rotherham. Photo © Ian S (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Houses For Auction In Ripon, Yorkshire

The cathedral city of Ripon is situated close to the Great North Road (A1) and has good bus links to Harrogate and Leeds. The regular weekly market and the racecourse attract many visitors.

Ripon has several residential park home sites where a 2-bedroom bungalow can cost £185,000. Less expensive properties in Ripon are available and a 1-bedroom flat will be priced around £99,000. Investing in a 3-bedroom terrace house could bring in an income of £750 per calendar month if you find the right tenants to rent the property.

Property Auctions In Leeds, Yorkshire

The largest city in Yorkshire, Leeds is still growing fast and has an excellent transport system. The M1 and M62 intersect at the south of the city and the urban ring road M621 links to the motorways.

Leeds station has direct trains to all parts of the UK. In addition there is a local airport with domestic flights and European destinations. Leeds has an abundance of flats, terraced houses, semi-detached and detached houses for sale at property auctions in Yorkshire and also local house auctions in Leeds.

Property auctions in Leeds, Yorkshire
Property auctions in Yorkshire of course feature many houses, flats and studios in the booming city of Leeds. Photo © Humphrey Bolton (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Auction Property In Scarborough

The modest population of Scarborough is swelled by visitors to this hugely popular tourist resort. Scarborough is known for its fishing industry and is expanding in the creative and digital economy. Four major roads link Scarborough to other major cities and towns. The railway has services to Liverpool, York, Leeds and Manchester.

Every year in July the annual Seafest festival takes place and this attracts many visitors. Property auctions in Scarborough can be expensive but there are some hidden gems available. Guide price for a studio flat for sale in Scarborough is £50,000.

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Property Auctions in Yorkshire FAQ

How Can I Find Property Auctions In Yorkshire?

Contact online auction houses located in the Yorkshire area for lists of upcoming properties or look at what is available through estate agents or local councils. Property auctions in Yorkshire are advertised in the local press and you may find forthcoming property sales through specialist Yorkshire auction house websites.

How Much Are Auction Properties In Yorkshire?

A 2-bedroom terraced house can attract a guide price of £65,000 or £80,000 in the Barnsley area whereas in the city of York it is possible to buy a 1 bedroom flat for a guide price starting at £48,000. Prices vary around the country of Yorkshire so make sure you find an area suitable for your needs and within your budget.

Which Areas Are Best To Find Cheap Properties In Yorkshire?

There are plenty of choices for cheap property in Yorkshire including cities like York and Leeds or former industrial towns like Bradford and Barnsley. Towns in Yorkshire tend to be a lot higher with bidding competition than country property or small villages.

Can I Buy Repossessed Properties In Yorkshire?

Yes you can buy repossessed properties in Yorkshire at auction. These are advertised with specialist finance companies, banks and the local council. Mortgage companies and auction houses also advertise repossessed houses for sale in Yorkshire.

Photo of repossessed houses for sale in Yorkshire
There is a good selection of repossessed properties for sale at most property auctions in Yorkshire, such as these properties in Leeds. Photo © Roger Templeman (cc-by-sa/2.0)

What Type Of Bargain Property In Yorkshire Is Available?

The types of lots available at property auctions in Yorkshire varies. In cities and towns you can find former industrial buildings converted to residential flats. Equally popular are buy-to-let auction properties and commercial properties. Depending on the area you choose you should be able to find the property that meets your expectations.

Repossessed Property For Sale In Yorkshire

Repossessed houses in Yorkshire sometimes feature guest houses which can bring in a good annual income. In a tourist town like Scarborough you can find a large public house which may be auctioned with a guide price of around £240,000. There are shops, bars and restaurants among the different types of repossessed properties for sale in Yorkshire.

Photo of a derelict property in Yorkshire
Sometimes derelict properties and repossessed houses feature in major cities like York and the quality can be surprisingly high. Photo © Ian S (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Residential House Auctions In Yorkshire

The amount of residential properties in Yorkshire gives you a wide choice of locations. Some flats are shared ownership and this is a simple way to get onto the property ladder. As in other areas of England prices will fluctuate. You can find a cheap residential property in Bradford attracting bids from only £30,000.

Buy-To Let Auction Property In Yorkshire

A 2-bedroom mid-terrace house can have a starting price of around £70,000. If you are searching for buy-to-let properties for sale in Yorkshire it is essential to select the best location. Towns close to universities or areas where there are many jobs are a good place to start. Some low-priced properties may be in need of redevelopment but after renovation can bring in a good annual income.

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