Auction Properties Near Me

Photo showing some auction properties near me
If you are wondering “How do I find auction properties near me” you can use our table below to find local property auctions in your area of the UK. Photo © John Copleston (cc-by-sa/2.0)

How Do I Find Auction Properties Near me?

In recent years there has been a huge resurgence in interest in finding, attending and even bidding at UK property auctions and almost every auction house in the UK has reported an increase in business over the last ten years.

if you are asking “how do I find auction properties near me” then this article is designed to provide advice and assistance for anyone searching for local property auctions in their immediate area.

One of the first practical steps is to visit our dedicated page on local property auctions. This will help you find out more about the kind of property auctions in your area, the types of houses and flats being sold and the property prices in your area.

Simply select the part of the UK you are interested in from the table below to find out more about your local property auction situation.

Auction Properties Near Me

Property Auctions in England
Devon | Bristol | Birmingham | Kent | Cornwall | Manchester | London | East Anglia | North West England | North East England | Liverpool | Nottingham | Leeds | Newcastle | Yorkshire | Surrey | Essex | Dorset | Norfolk
Property Auctions in Scotland
Glasgow | Edinburgh | Aberdeen | Perth | Inverness | Dundee |
Auction Properties in Wales
North Wales | South Wales | Swansea | Cardiff |
Property Auctions in Northern Ireland
Belfast | Bangor | Lisburn | Coleraine |
Photo showing property auctions houses in your area
Attending a property auction in your own area, even without an intent to buy, is a great way to familiarise yourself with your local property auction market. Photo © Philip Halling (cc-by-sa/2.0

Why Attend Property Auctions Near Me?

If you attend a local property auction it presents a very good opportunity to get to know the local property market. You will see how much houses are worth in your area, how much they sell for, what the local guide prices for properties are and what the competition at the auction is like.

This kind of information is invaluable, especially if you are new to the world of buying a property at auction, as it will answer questions about property auctions in the UK, your local area and how property auctions work in general.

You are strongly advised to go to a number of property auctions before trying to bid on any property, simply to familiarise yourself with the property auction process. Every auction is different and things can change rapidly from week to week.

Photo of an old house sold by property auction
Attending a local property auction is a very good way to not only learn the process but gauge the competition at property auctions in your area. Photo © Trevor Littlewood (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Property Resources:

Online Property Auctions Near Me

If you are searching for “online property auctions near me” it may be better to not restrict yourself to your own area. In other worlds, online property auctions in the UK often have properties for sale all over the country, so although the auction house may be located elsewhere, it may well have properties near you for auction.

Recommended Online Property Auctions

Below we present our choice of three well established online property auction houses which are well worth investigating, especially if you are looking for ‘online property auctions near me’. These particular auction houses are not the only option but tend to present property for sale all over the UK, so they are a good opportunity to find a live online property auction in your own area. – Probably one of the best online auction houses in the UK
Future Property Auctions – Another highly qualified UK auction house
I Am Sold – Presents very good online auction opportunities

How do I find property auctions near me?

You can find property auctions in your area by visiting local auction houses, looking for advertised property auctions in your local papers or contacting banks and estate agents to ask about local property auctions.

Should I visit property auctions near me?

Yes you absolutely should visit property auctions near you. Attending a local property auction will give you a good idea about your your local property market, how busy your local property auctions are and what the competition from other bidders is like.

Where can I find unsold auction property near me?

You can find unsold auction property near you by visiting our special guide for unsold auction property in the UK. This guide details how to find unsold auction property and some of the best opportunities at UK property auctions.

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