Finding Contents Insurance For Renters

Find contents insurance for renters and tenants

Finding Contents Insurance For Renters And Tenants

Whether you are already in a rented home or are starting out in a new rental, household contents insurance is a must. This kind of insurance policy covers all your possessions that are not part of the building or structure. Even if you think that your belongings are not worth a lot of money, finding the right cover is essential as replacing all your items with new ones is far more costly than you might imagine.

Finding the right contents insurance for renters follows the same process as taking out any other type of insurance policy. There are companies that specialise in this type of cover and most of the well known insurers also offer insurance for renters. Listed below are some helpful questions and answers and other information about how to insure your belongings if you are renting a property.

Why Do You Need Home Contents Insurance?

The importance of home contents insurance should not be underestimated. Imagine if a fire broke out and all your belongings, furniture and electrical goods were destroyed. Or, think about how you would feel if your home were to be burgled and vandalised. Home insurance cannot replace treasured possessions but it can help to mitigate the cost of replacing household items which could run into thousands of pounds.

Homeowners often combine contents insurance with cover for buildings but it is simple to get home contents insurance for renters and this kind of policy protects tenants from losing out should a disaster happen.

Finding Cheap Contents Insurance For Renters

Even though contents insurance is not a mandatory requirement, it is always a good idea to obtain appropriate cover. Protecting the cost of replacing your belongings means you will not find yourself seriously out of pocket should theft, fire or damage occur. There are two kinds of contents policies. You can choose to pay for ‘new for old’ cover or opt to get ‘as new’ cover.

‘New for old’ cover will be more expensive and most insurers will either pay to replace the item with a brand new one or pay you the cash equivalent. An ‘as new’ policy will pay for the item taking into account the wear and tear. This type of cover is cheaper but it is better than no cover at all. You can also pay for your home insurance by instalments.

You can find the best value contents cover by using comparison insurance websites or going directly to the website of a major insurer. Don’t be afraid to haggle about the premiums and be aware that it is easy to under insure so make a list of all your belongings and price up what they would cost to replace before taking out cover. Equally important is to not over estimate the value of your belongings as an insurance assessor will be fully aware of the market value of most items.

Home Contents Insurance For Tenants FAQ

Is Contents Insurance For Renters Necessary?

A landlord cannot insist on you taking out contents insurance if you are a tenant. Equally, a landlord is not responsible for your personal belongings should something untoward happen. It is sensible to take out at least a minimum amount of cover against theft, fire and accidental damage.

Does The Cost Of Contents Insurance Vary By Postcode?

The postcode area where you live can have an impact on the premiums of contents insurance. If you live in an area where there are high crime figures or even a high number of claims, premiums can cost more than some other areas. You can help to cut the cost of premiums by shopping around.

What Items Are Covered Under Contents insurance For Renters?

Personal possessions including clothes, jewellery, tablets and entertainment systems are all covered under a contents policy. If your rented home is unfurnished it will also cover your furniture and non fitted electrical goods. You can include accidental damage and liability cover in your policy for an extra premium.

What Does Contents Insurance Cover?

Contents insurance for renters covers all your personal belongings including clothing, jewellery, furniture and any non fitted electrical items. Usually cover is limited to fire, flood and theft. If you require accidental damage cover this will put up the premiums. Any personal possessions that you take outside such as laptops, mobile phones or cameras come under personal possessions cover and this also usually adds extra to the cost of the premiums.

Many home insurance companies will limit cover for any single item and this could be around £1,500, If you own something very expensive then it is better to ask for specific cover for this item to be included. There may also be a limit for the total amount of your items.

Check whether your policy covers you for loss of possessions whilst you are travelling abroad. Damage to a PC from a virus is not covered and remember to bear in mind that wear and tear will be taken into account unless you have chosen ‘new for old’ cover. Carefully read the terms of any policy before accepting it so that you are fully aware of what is and what is not covered.

Is My Liability Covered Under Contents Insurance?

Liability insurance for tenants is different to contents insurance. You can take out a specific type of liability insurance that will cover you should you cause damage to the landlords property, fixtures or fittings. Replacing a bathroom or kitchen can be very costly so it is worthwhile considering this type of policy. A tenants liability policy will also help to protect your deposit should accidental damage occur. This kind of policy will not pay out if damage is deliberate and it does not cover general wear and tear.

Public liability i.e. if someone gets injured whilst in your home may be included in a standard contents policy but you should check the exact cover with your home insurance company.

Contents Insurance In A Shared House

If you are sharing a house with other renters you can still get contents insurance for your personal belongings. There are some specific limitations to cover. You must be able to lock your own room and cover is restricted to theft and damage of items from your room only. If you leave your belongings in other rooms of the house and they are stolen or damaged you will not be covered. Unless you pay an extra premium your belongings will not be covered whilst you are outside the house.

Students who are moving away from home to shared accommodation may be able to get cover under their parent’s contents policy. Each policy is different so ask your parents to check with their insurer to see if this can be applied.

Can You Take Out Short Term Contents Insurance For Renters?

Short term contents insurance is not a standard policy and you would need to request this from an insurer. Most policies run for a term of one year and taking out short term cover could be just as expensive as getting cover for the whole year.

If you are a student you will probably need cover even for the times when you are away from your accommodation so it may be best to take out cover for the whole time you are renting.

Contents insurance for renters is a standard policy. The home insurance industry is competitive so take your time and look for the best deal.

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