Home Improvement Grants

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Image showing a house eligible for home improvement grants
Home improvement grants can largely depend on the policies of your local council. Photo © Jeff Buck (cc-by-sa/2.0)

UK Home Improvement Grants

Home improvement grants are offered directly by the UK government or you can approach your local authority for assistance.

Government grant applications are standard but each local authority has it’s own rules about what type of help is on offer and what conditions will apply.

Any homeowner or landlord can apply for a Green Homes Grant Voucher which provides help towards insulation of the home or to put in low carbon heating.

A home improvement grant that helps to make a property more energy efficient is also going to help reduce annual energy costs. This makes it a worthwhile enterprise to pursue.

Cottage which was renovated after a home improvement grant
Home improvement grants can be very worthwhile depending on the type of grant and property in question. Photo © Stanley Howe (cc-by-sa/2.0)

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UK Government Home Improvement Grants?

Green Homes Grant

In June 2020 the Chancellor announced that homeowners in the UK could apply for grants to make improvements to homes that would help to save energy.

The Green Homes Grant was intended to assist in rebuilding the economy and to protect the environment by helping to tackle the imminent climate crisis.

The measures on offer include low energy lights, double glazed windows and doors and insulation to prevent the loss of heat. The government contribution to the scheme would be at least two thirds of the total cost.

Home Improvement Grants From Local Authorities

Local authority home improvement grants are available and each local authority in the UK has its own rules about who can be helped. The rules for each authority are different and there are certain conditions that must be met to qualify.

Grants from local councils include funds to adapt or improve a home and for adding disabled facilities, such as wheelchair access ramps.

Contact your local authority for an application form which will outline the conditions. These may include a limit on personal savings.

Photo of houses with new solar panels installed
Home improvement grants come in various forms, including the UK government Green Homes Grant – designed to make your house more efficient. Photo © Christine Westerback (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Green Homes Grant For Home Improvements

Primary Home Improvement

The Green Homes Grant covers payment towards both insulation and low carbon heating. These are categorised as primary measures.

If you already have some insulation you can apply to top this up. A low carbon heating installation cannot be replaced under this grant. You can only get the grant if you are replacing an outdated energy hungry heating system. Grants are only allowed for heating the home and for hot water.

Secondary Home Improvements

Secondary Home Improvements under the Green Homes Grant cover glazing, thermostats for hot water tanks, energy efficient doors, smart heating controls and draught proofing.

Vouchers issued are valid for three months but under certain circumstances you can apply for an extension before the expiry date. New build homeowners are not eligible.

All other homeowners, private landlords and park home owners may apply.

Photo of houses with loft insulation grants
Government grants may be available to help you properly insulate your home. Photo © Alan Murray-Rust (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Do I Need To Pay Towards My Home Improvement Grant?

Anyone who is eligible can apply for a grant covering two thirds of the cost of Green Homes improvements grants. This is up to a value of £5,000.

If you meet certain conditions you may be able to get the maximum grant of £10,000 for the total cost of the work. There is a full list of eligibility on the Green Homes Grant page at the UK Government website.

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How Do I Apply For A Home Improvement Grant?

First check your understanding of what the grant will cover then check your eligibility.

The UK Government website has a list of authorised installers and you can find a local professional trades-person by entering your postcode. You can make an application through the UK Government website.

Information needed includes the property owners name and date of birth, details of anyone at the property who receives benefits and a quote from an authorised installer. Applicants who are approved will receive the home improvement grants voucher by email.

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Home Improvement Grant For A New Boiler

The Green Homes Grant will pay towards a new boiler if it is low carbon heating.

Types of boilers that qualify for grants or financial assistance are biomass boilers, solar thermal systems, air-source, ground source and hybrid systems. These are all examples of renewable energy and will qualify for a primary grant to home improvements.

Grants For Replacing An Outdated Boiler

Some energy providers also offer grants to certain groups of people to replace outdated boilers. If you are receiving benefits like universal credit, tax credits or pension credits you may qualify.

Contact your energy provider for information about what is available.

Photo of new green homes in the UK
New environmentally friendly homes in Swindon in the UK. Generally, new build homes of any kind do not qualify for home improvement grants. Photo © Vieve Forward (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Home Improvement Grants For Insulation

House insulation qualifies as a primary home improvement under the Green Homes Grant. You can get loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, underfloor insulation and insulation for park homes is also included.

Loft insulation and wall insulation may be offered by energy providers if you are receiving state benefits. Installing insulation can help to save hundreds of pounds on your energy bill each year.

Home Improvement Grants For Double Glazing

A home improvement grant for double glazing may be available once you have qualified for a primary grant. You cannot get a grant to replace current double glazing.

You will only be allowed a grant to replace single glazing. There is also a grant to replace doors if they were installed before 2002.

Photo of an old stone house with new double glazing
If you are upgrading from single glazing to double glazing, you may qualify for certain home improvement grants. Photo © Richard Dorrell (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Government Grant For A New Roof

Certain groups of people may qualify for a grant to replace a roof. However, the conditions upon which this is granted are limited.

A home improvement grant for a new roof is usually only open to the vulnerable who are on benefits and if the house falls below acceptable living standards. There is a maximum amount of £5,000 for these of home improvement grants.

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