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Unlike many other websites, our top grade UK mortgage calculator is simple to use, gives an instant result and is not tied to any bank, building society or other mortgage lender. Go ahead and enter your details into our UK mortgage calculator below.

Please note that our UK mortgage calculator is for guidance only, it is simply designed to give you an idea of what your repayments would be on a given mortgage over a period of time. Contact your mortgage lender for an actual mortgage quote.

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Please note: This calculation is a guide to how much your monthly repayments would be if you financed a property purchased at auction. The exact amount may vary from this amount depending on your lender's terms.

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Finance for the Purchase of Auction Property

Obtaining a mortgage or loan to purchase a property at auction

Many people are tempted by the idea of buying auction properties in the UK in order to renovate them or re-sell them at a later date.

It is true you can save a small fortune by purchasing a house, flat, apartment or even a commercial property at auction, but you need to have the finance in place before you can bid on the property. This is a common problem, leading many potential homeowners to seek a second mortgage in order to purchase a property at the auction.

Great care needs to be taken – if you are financing your property purchase do not place a bid unless you have a confirmed mortgage offer. If you fail to confirm this, you could be held liable by the property auction house if your purchase falls through due to lack of financing.

Our UK mortgage calculator above is designed to give you a general idea of how much you can borrow and what the repayments will be without talking to an actual mortgage lender.

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