How to Buy Cheap Houses in London

How to Buy Cheap Houses in London With the average price of houses in London easily surpassing £700,000, it can be quite difficult to find

How Much Your House Is Worth

How Much Your House Is Worth If you are asking ‘how much is my house worth’ you are not alone, this is one of the

What Does A Property Surveyor Cost?

Hiring A Property Surveyor If you are buying a brand new property or are considering purchasing an older building, using the services of a professional

How Is Council Tax Calculated?

How Is Council Tax Calculated? Find out how your council tax is worked out With the exception of Northern Ireland (which still uses the old

Unsold Auction Property

Unsold Auction Property When the auctioneer’s hammer comes down and no bids have been made, the property is labelled as “unsold at auction”. However, this

The Property Market In The UK

The Property Market In The UK : Property Buyers Guide Learning about the property market in the UK can be the key to getting a

Coastal Property In Wales

Sourcing seaside and coastal property in Wales Looking for a beautiful coastal property in Wales can be a fun and rewarding experience, as this part

Buying At A Property Auction

Tips to save money and be prepared before a property auction If you’re in the market for a property, you may want to consider buying

Home Renovation Costs

How Much Do Home Renovations Cost? Home renovation covers a multitude of projects. It can mean simply decorating through the house or a full renovation

Cheap Houses In Wales

Is It Possible To Buy Cheap Houses In Wales? The simple answer is yes, it is possible to buy cheap houses in Wales. There are

What Is A Property Guide Price?

Property Guide Price At Auction Buying a property at an auction is a very different experience to buying through normal channels. Along with the risks

Listed Buildings Consent

Obtaining Listed Buildings Consent What Is A Listed Building? Listed buildings in the UK fall into three categories: Grade 1 Listed Buildings make up only

Home Improvement Grants

UK Home Improvement Grants Home improvement grants are offered directly by the UK government or you can approach your local authority for assistance. Government grant

Coastal Property For Sale

Finding Coastal Property For Sale When you set about finding coastal property for sale there are a number of things to think about that make

Country Property For Sale

Finding Country Property For Sale In recent years there has been a growing demand for properties in the country. Many families are looking to move

How Much Is Capital Gains Tax?

Capital Gains Tax: How Much Is It? Capital gains tax in the UK is imposed on the sale of an asset that has increased in

Buying a Flat in London

Buying a Flat in London, England Whether you are looking to relocate to the UK capital or are interested in a property investment, buying a

The Property Market In London

The Property Market In London The property market in London has remained stable in recent years and continues to grow despite other economic pressures in