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Countryside Properties

Countryside properties and other types of country homes for sale in the UK.

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Repossessed Smallholdings For Sale in Wales

Yes, it really is possible to find a repossessed smallholding for sale in Wales if you know where to look.

Rural Retreats

Rural retreats can mean a cottage in the country, a secret home tucked away in the hills or many other types of country living.

Buying Grazing Land For Sale

Finding suitable grazing land for sale may seem like a daunting prospect but there are a lot of options for grazing animals.

Small Holdings For Sale In Wales

Small holdings for sale in Wales offer the opportunity for a peaceful rural lifestyle.

Forest For Sale In Scotland

Forests for sale in Scotland can seem like a great idea, but they can also be a regulation minefield.

How Big Can I Build a Shed Without Planning Permission?

Are you wondering how big you can build a garden shed without permission? Out guide will answer your shed questions.

Home Renovation Costs

Home renovation costs can vary wildly but there are steps you can take to keep prices and the cost of renovations down.

Rural Property For Sale in Cornwall

Rural property for sale in Cornwall is attracting more attention from house hunters than ever before.

How To Buy Renovation Property At Auction

If you are looking for a property to renovate then try attending a local property auction to find great deals.

Run Down Houses For Sale in the UK

Run down houses for sale in the UK present the opportunity to buy a home for complete renovation.

Rising Damp: How To Treat Damp Walls

Ring damp can be a real problem for buildings and people. Find out how to treat rising damp on external and internal walls.

Georgian Houses

Georgian houses have a very special appeal which is uniquely British. Find out all about Georgian houses in the UK.

Abandoned Houses For Sale: Should You Buy An Abandoned Property?

Abandoned houses for sale in the UK offer a wonderful opportunity to turn an abandoned property into a dream home.

What Is A Damp Survey?

A damp survey can help assess the status of problems with dampness in your house and what can be done to get rid of moisture.

Land For Sale In Kent

Land for sale in Kent can provide wonderful opportunities but can also be very expensive compared to other counties.

Cheap Rural Cottages For Sale In Scotland

Cheap rural cottages for sale in Scotland can include coastal properties and houses with land.

Coastal Property For Sale In Wales

Coastal property for sale in Wales has seen a huge surge in interest over the last 5 years, with price increases to match.

Houses With Land For Sale

Houses with land for sale in the UK offer a great opportunity for country living and a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Listed Building Consent

Listed building consent in the UK can be tricky but achievable with careful planning.

Adverse Possession In The UK

Adverse possession may allow someone to claim an abandoned or derelict property simply by occupying it. However, there are difficulties.

Derelict Property For Sale

Derelict property for sale can be a fantastic way to save money by renovating a derelict or abandoned house.

Unsold Auction Property

Unsold auction property in the UK can take a number of forms but sometimes present an opportunity for a bargain priced house.

Unusual Property For Sale

Unusual Property In The UK If you’re tired of the …

Repossessed Houses For Sale

Repossessed houses for sale in the UK present an excellent opportunity for buyers to acquire a cheap property.

Cottages For Sale In Scotland

Cottages for sale in Scotland are in high demand. Find out how to find Scottish cottages at reasonable prices and sometimes the odd bargain property.

Countryside Properties

Countryside properties and other types of country homes for sale in the UK.

Cheap Land for Sale in the UK

Buying Cheap Land For Sale Are you searching for a …

The Cheapest Houses In The UK

The cheapest houses in the UK are sometimes located in areas you may not expect. Find out about bargain properties.

Rural Property For Sale In The UK

How To Find Rural Property For Sale Looking for a …

Coastal Property For Sale

Finding Coastal Property For Sale When you set about finding …

Woodland For Sale

Sourcing Woodland For Sale Even if you find woodland for …

Small Farm for Sale: What You Should Know

The Allure of Owning a Small Farm in the UK …

Cheap Houses In Wales

Is It Possible To Buy Cheap Houses In Wales? The …

The Enhanced Value of Eco Houses in the UK

Eco Houses: The Essence of Sustainable Living in the UK …

Abandoned Property For Sale

Abandoned Property for Sale in the UK In the ever-evolving …

How To Find An Estate Agent Near Me

How Do I Find an Estate Agent Near Me? Here …