Coastal Property For Sale In Wales

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Photo showing some coastal property for sale in Wales, UK
In recent years, coastal property in Wales has become a big seller and prices have been increasing. Photo © Gordon Hatton (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Finding Coastal Property For Sale In Wales

Looking for a beautiful coastal property for sale in Wales can be a fun and rewarding experience, as this part of the world is renowned for its stunning coastal scenery.

There are many areas along the Welsh coastline where you can find coastal property for sale, but some locations are more popular than others.

In this guide we shall look at the different types of coastal property for sale in Wales, from isolated and remote property in Wales through to land for sale in south Wales which may be on the coast.

Photo showing seaside properties in Wales
Seaside properties in Wales, although very popular, don’t come without their problems, especially during the winter months. Photo © John Winder (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Coastal Property In Wales Is Competitive

If you’re looking for a coastal property for sale in Wales and think you will be able to pick something up very cheap, then perhaps it’s time to be open minded about the kind of property you are looking for.

Many of the seaside properties along the coastline of Wales have been snapped up in recent years by eager buyers. These can even include derelict properties for sale which require total renovation, abandoned houses and other types of formally cheap rural property in Wales.

The coastal towns of Fishguard and St Davids, for example, are both popular with holidaymakers, and as a result, seaside property prices are quite high. The recent rise in the number of buyers looking for coastal property for sale in Wales has driven up prices in many seaside towns and villages.

In recent years, the Welsh coastal town of Aberystwyth has seen a surge in popularity, and as a result, coastal property prices in this part of Wales have also increased significantly.

Image of seaside and coastal properties in Llandudno, Wales
Certain towns, such as Llandudno, offer the benefits of a built up area with easy access to the sea. Photo © Jeff Buck (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Before Searching For Welsh Coastal Property

Before searching for coastal property for sale in Wales, it’s important to be aware of the potential problems that can arise from living near the sea.

The coastal environment is a beautiful but harsh place, and it can take its toll on property. One of the main problems with coastal property is dampness, which can be caused by salt air and moisture in the air.

This can lead to expensive repair bills, and in some cases, it may be necessary to completely renovate a property in order to get rid of the dampness.

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Coastal Erosion Can Affect Property Prices

Another issue that often affects many coastal properties in Wales is coastal erosion. This is the gradual destruction of coastal land by the action of wind and waves.

If you’re buying a coastal property for sale in Wales, it’s important to find out how susceptible it is to coastal erosion and to ask the current owner about any repair work that may have been carried out in the past.

Photo showing coastal erosion which can affect the price of coastal property for sale in Wales.
Erosion can cause major problems with coastal property in Wales and dramatically affect housing prices. Photo © Ian S (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Living by the sea can also have a negative effect on property values. Properties that are located close to the coast often suffer from coastal flooding, which can cause extensive damage to the property. In some cases, it may even be necessary to move out of a seaside home altogether.

By doing your research, you can avoid costly mistakes and ensure that you find the perfect coastal home for you and your family.

Are Seaside Properties in Wales Popular With Buyers?

The short answer to this question is yes, coastal properties for sale in Wales are very popular with buyers from all over the UK.

In recent years there has been a huge surge in interest from buyers interested in houses and other properties for sale along the Welsh coast and, as previously mentioned, this has driven up sale prices.

The idea of buying a house beside the sea is appealing, however, it’s worth considering that you can still have easy access to the sea without actually being on the coast. Broaden your search area and consider properties which may be close to, but not actually on, the coastline.

This strategy will not only allow you to view a greater selection of properties, but will open up more possibilities such as houses with land for sale and even small holdings for sale in Wales which may only be a short distance from the sea.

Is it really a huge problem to be a mere mile from the sea? You can save a lot of money if your requirements are flexible when searching for coastal properties for sale in Wales.

Photo of a derelict property in Wales
Finding a suitable derelict property in Wales near the coast is one option for those with a renovation budget. Photo © J Scott (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Renovating A Coastal Property

If you’re thinking of renovating a coastal property in Wales, there are a few things to take into account.

The price of derelict properties in Wales, such as run-down houses or completely abandoned houses may not be as low as you think.

In recent years more people have access to larger budgets and this has driven up the price of many coastal properties in Wales, even those which require total renovation.

Attending a property auction in Wales is a great place to start if you are searching for a derelict or abandoned property.

Prices at Welsh property auctions can easily get out of hand if the interest level is there from bidders, so stay within your budget and don’t get carried away in the heat of the moment.

Photo of some beautiful multicoloured seaside cottages in Wales
With enough searching and a combination of patience, open-mindedness and planning, opportunities will arise for your coastal property in Wales. Photo © Michael Garlick (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Tips For Finding Coastal Property For Sale In Wales

Finding the right coastal property in Wales can take time and involve viewing quite a few properties. There are, however, some tactics you can employ when searching for the perfect coastal property for sale in Wales:

  • Try to narrow your search area down to the part of Wales you are interested in buying a property in.
  • Talk to local people and be respectful. This is likely to yield much better results.
  • if you do find a coastal property in Wales which catches your interest, perform the necessary checks forst before making any offer on the property.
  • If the coastal property in Wales is in a bad state of repair, be prepared to spend a significant amount of time and money on renovation work.
  • Register with property auction houses in Wales and specify you are interested in Welsh coastal properties. They will notify you when their lots include coastal properties.
  • Be as broad minded with property types as possible and consider properties which are located slightly inland for better prices and a more comprehensive selection.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your search for coastal properties for sale in Wales bears more fruit with the kinds of buildings and homes you are most interested in.

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