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Remote Property In Wales : Buyers Guide

The property market in Wales is flourishing in spite of the recent difficulties in the Welsh property market. Between July 2019 and July 2020 prices rose by 3.6% which is the highest increase over the UK.

Agents have reported an unprecedented demand for remote property in Wales due to the stamp duty in Wales and low interest rates.

All of these factors make Wales a very attractive place to buy property in the forthcoming year. If you prefer solitude and quiet a remote property in Wales could be just what you are looking for.

Buying a very remote property in Wales is not for the fainthearted but can be a successful move if you do it right. Below you can read some facts about remote property in Wales and information that could help if you are thinking about buying a country property.

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Photo of a remote property in Wales
This beautiful remote property in Wales dates back from the 15th Century. Photo © Peter Trimming (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Finding Remote Property in Wales

The location you choose when looking for a rural property will make a big difference. Can you cope with living in the middle of nowhere and swapping your on-the-doorstep amenities for a much more isolated lifestyle? It is a good idea to take time for a period of reflection before deciding to move to a remote property in Wales.

The idea of finding an ideal house such as a property on the coast, a remote cottage to renovate or even a derelict property which needs work appeals to many potential buyers, however living in the countryside has it’s own set of practical issues.

Many people have been drawn to buying a property in the countryside only to sell a short time later after the realities of living in a more remote location set in. TV shows highlighting appealing rural properties in Scotland and country cottages in Wales have fuelled the demand with buyers.

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Photo of a remote farm house in Wales
Living in a remote property, such as this rural farm house in Wales, has it’s own set of challenges. Photo © Ian Medcalf (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Tips When Buying A Remote Property In Wales

When investing in a remote property in Wales it is good to have a plan and to think ahead. If you want the property as an investment you will need to consider infrastructure and local amenities otherwise it could be hard to find a tenant.

Think about things like broadband connectivity, transport links and waste disposal. Talk to local estate agents in Wales who will be able to advise on the best area.

Some remote parts of Wales have planning permission restrictions so if you are looking at renovation there could be bureaucratic hurdles to overcome. This is especially true for anyone requiring listed buildings consent.

Many cottages in the Welsh countryside are listed buildings and before you consider buying such property you should check with the Welsh government about any potential planning or building issues you may face.

Rural Property In Wales FAQ

Can I Get A Cheap Remote Property In Wales?

House prices are rising faster in Wales than in other parts of the UK but there are still some cheap properties especially in remote areas. A one bedroom cottage outside the hamlet of Rhayader can be bought for £110,000. A two bedroom cottage in the Brecon Beacons can be purchased for around £130,000.

How Do I Find A Remote Property For Sale In Wales?

The first step to finding a remote property in Wales is to search in your area of interest. There are several Welsh websites that specialise in selling remote properties. If you want to buy in a particular area you can contact a local estate agent for details of any properties available. Property auctions are another good source of properties in Wales.

Is It Cheap To Live In A Remote Property In Wales?

Overall it is cheaper to live in Wales than in England. However, the cost of living will also depend upon the location of your home. Property is cheaper but living in a remote area brings other costs. You will need transport and possibly heating oil instead of gas. Food prices in local shops may also be more expensive.

Photo of a derelict property in Wales
If you can handle a renovation project there is a good selection of remote derelict cottages in Wales. Photo © David Medcalf (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Coastal Property In Wales

Moving to the coast is a dream for many people and in Wales you can find some outstanding remote properties close to the sea. All across Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire there are beautiful bungalows with stunning sea views and no nearby neighbours. Although Wales attracts millions of visitors each year there are many properties for sale that lie outside of the normal tourist areas.

You should be aware that coastal properties in Wales have a higher demand factor, due to their very nature of being beside the sea and often with good access to local beaches. If you are serious about finding a remote cottage in Wales at a bargain price, stay away from obvious desirable areas.

Yes, you many have to drive longer to get to the shops, but this minor inconvenience helps to keep the price of remote properties in Wales lower in less popular areas.

Photo of remote coastal cottages in Wales
Due to higher demand, buying any house or cottage on the coast in Wales is going to be a lot more expensive. Photo © Peter Barr (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Which Part Of Wales Has The Best Remote Properties?

Wales has the most glorious scenery with mountains, rivers and forests. You can find remote properties in many areas with cottages, converted chapels and farmhouses ready for occupation.

The Snowdonia National Park is a favourite place although prices in the park could be higher than some other parts of Wales. The Black Mountains which overlook the River Wye is another beautiful environment to look for a remote or isolated property, as is the Brecon Beacons.

Prices may be cheaper in rural areas like the wilds of the Cambrian Mountains or along the Pembrokshire Coastal Path.

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Living In A Remote House in Wales

Wales is a beautiful country with its own language and culture. Just like any other country there are advantages and disadvantages and these can become more pronounced if you are moving to a more remote property.

Wales has a lower cost of living than other parts of the UK and the Welsh people are very friendly. Living in a remote house gives you much more privacy than living in a built up area. You will be living in the wonderful Welsh countryside and there is amazing wildlife on right your doorstep.

Property situated far away from towns and villages can be less expensive so you get more value for your money. You will also have good access to the historic castles, cathedrals and festivals that take place every year.

Photo of a remote rural cottage in Wales
A remote rural property can still be in excellent condition despite being isolated, like this beautiful country cottage in Wales. Photo © Peter Barr (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Living in a remote property in Wales, just as with anywhere, means keeping a good supply of essentials as shops are liable to be further away. Children may have to travel some miles to school. Communications can also be a problem if broadband is patchy so if you depend on this for work you must look into the situation in the area you are interested in.

There can be transport difficulties when living in a very rural part of the country, especially during the winter months. Even though Wales has some of the most beautiful mountains and countryside, the roads are often narrow and it rains a lot making driving sometimes hazardous.

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