Repossessed Smallholdings For Sale in Wales

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Photo showing repossessed smallholdings for sale in Wales, UK

Finding Repossessed Smallholdings For Sale in Wales

Many people love the idea of a rural lifestyle, especially one that affords a degree of self sufficiency. This has led to a huge amount of interest in buyers seeking out properties such as repossessed smallholdings for sale in Wales and other rural parts of the UK.

One of the most important factors to remember when attending property auctions is the interest these types of lots can generate. There is a misconception among many potential buyers when it comes to bidding on these types of properties, namely they believe there will be a limited amount of interest due to the condition or location of the property.

In fact, certain classes of property, such as smallholdings in Wales, remote property in Wales or coastal properties for sale actually generate much more interest than the buyer may expect. This leads to a shock for bidders when attending a property auction, as the bidding can be competitive and prices often greatly exceed the property guide price.

Photo of a smallholding in Wales

Overview of Welsh Smallholding Market

Wales is home to a number of smallholdings, which are typically small plots of land used for agricultural or horticultural purposes. These smallholdings are often in high demand, especially since they provide a unique opportunity to own a property in a rural setting.

The other factor which affects the price of smallholdings in Wales is the proximity of Wales to the larger population centers in other parts of the country, including the larger towns and cities in Wales itself.

Many people who buy a smallholding for sale in Wales have no intention of living there, rather they intend to use the smallholding as a weekend retreat or hobby farm.

If you are specifically looking for repossessed smallholdings for sale in Wales, this is one way to keep the price down and cash in on an opportunity to buy an extremely lucrative rural property for sale in the part of the country you are interested in.

Photo of a woman feeding hens on a  smallholding in Wales
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Finding A Smallholding For Sale In Wales

When you are looking for a smallholding for sale in Wales on the normal property market, you may notice they are not as cheap as you may have imagined. As explained above, there is actually great demand for these types of countryside properties.

That said, one way around this is to specifically target repossessed smallholdings for sale in Wales, and these can often be found at various property auctions in Wales and even further afield. Remember that although the smallholding may have been repossessed, the competition at the auction can still be fierce, so do your homework before bidding on any type of land auctions in the UK.

Check the property auction catalogue, printed by most auction houses in the UK, for details of smallholdings for sale in Wales which may be repossessed or sold at lesser prices.

Are Repossessed Smallholdings In Wales Cheaper?

Generally speaking, repossessed smallholdings for sale in Wales are cheaper than other types of land and repossessed property sales, such as woodland for sale or even other types of cheap houses for sale in Wales. Again, this may all change at the property auction itself depending on the bidders present and the level of competition to buy the property.

Like any other type of property, smallholdings in Wales can be repossessed by a bank or lending institution if the payments are not made and the lender wishes to take control of the property. These small farms are usually then auctioned by the lender to recover the monies owed.

This is a good opportunity for the savvy property buyer to acquire cheap land but it is worth attending multiple auctions in the area of your interest.

Try to tell the auction house what you are looking for and ask them to notify you if any cheap or repossessed smallholdings for sale in Wales appear at the property auction. Most auction houses will be happy to do this.

Photo of a remote smallholding in Wales surrounded by forest.

Tips For Buying A Repossessed Smallholding in Wales

In general, you should try to adhere to these tips for purchasing a smallholding in Wales at a property auction:

  • Try to view multiple properties before considering a bid
  • Don’t bid on the first smallholding you see, do your homework
  • Remember you may have to renovate the property before you can live there
  • The land may be subject to restrictions on its use
  • You will be subject to Land Transaction Tax (LTT) in Wales when you purchase the property

The most important thing to remember when bidding on small holdings for sale in Wales is not to get carried away or get involved in a bidding war with other buyers. Set your maximum price in your mind and do not exceed that.

There are plenty examples of cheap or repossessed smallholdings for sale in Wales appearing at auctions around the country and selling for far more than they are actually worth, simply because half a dozen bidders are obsessed with buying the property. Stop bidding if the property looks like it’s getting out of hand price-wise.

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