Rural Property For Sale In The UK

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Rural property for sale in England.
A rural property in England. Photo © Martin Dawes (cc-by-sa/2.0)

How To Find Rural Property For Sale

Looking for a rural property for sale involves narrowing down the rural areas of the UK you would actually live and compromising when it comes to the property itself.

Many people wish to enjoy the benefits of living in the countryside and all the upsides that can bring. The real question is how flexible you are when searching for your ideal rural property for sale.

The main reason for this is that the price of rural properties will vary greatly depending on the part of the UK you are looking in. For example, a rustic rural cottage in Hampshire is going to be considerably more expensive than a rural property in Scotland.

For this reason, when you begin your search for a rural property for sale, start by narrowing down the parts of the UK you are willing to consider.

An older rural property for sale.
Some older rural properties for sale may present other issues such as listed building status. Photo © Chris Thomas-Atkin (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Types Of Rural Property In The UK

Once you have a general idea of the part of the UK you are interested in, the next thing to do is consider the type of rural property you would like to buy.

As you may imagine, there are many different types of rural property for sale around the UK, ranging from country cottages and abandoned houses for sale to larger country homes and unusual properties for sale.

Some of the types of rural properties in the UK include:

  • Small Farms and Smallholdings: Ideal for those interested in agriculture or hobby farming, small farms for sale in the UK often include a mix of residential spaces and productive land, suitable for growing crops or raising livestock.
  • Coastal Properties: Offering breathtaking sea views and a tranquil lifestyle, coastal properties range from beachfront cottages to larger homes near the shore, perfect for lovers of the sea and maritime activities.
  • Remote Properties: For those seeking solitude and a deep connection with nature, rural retreats provide a secluded escape, often situated in areas of outstanding natural beauty far from the nearest neighbour.
  • Land for Living Off-Grid: Catering to the eco-conscious or those looking to become self-sufficient, plots of land suitable for off-grid living allow for the development of sustainable homes with renewable energy sources.
  • Houses with Land for Sale: Taking your time to find houses with land for sale offers the potential for equestrian pursuits, private gardens, or simply the luxury of space and privacy.
  • Cottages and Small Houses: Quintessentially British, these charming and cosy homes are often found in rural settings, featuring traditional architecture and offering a quaint, peaceful lifestyle.
  • Homes in Small Villages: Situated within close-knit communities, these homes provide a balance between rural tranquility and a sense of belonging, often within walking distance of village amenities and surrounded by picturesque countryside.
Photo of a farmyard rural property for sale in England.
You may want to consider other types of rural property for sale such as farm buildings. Photo © Michael Dibb (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Rural Property Prices In The UK

As mentioned above, the price you should expect to pay for a rural property for sale in the UK will vary greatly depending on which part of the country you are looking in, as well as the kind of property on offer.

Even within each nation of the UK there are huge variations, however the table below uses aggregated data from the UK National House Price Index to give a general idea when it comes to average rates:

UK NationAverage Rural Property Price
England£350,000 – £500,000
Scotland£250,000 – £400,000
Wales£200,000 – £350,000
Northern Ireland£150,000 – £300,000
*These figures are general averages for guidance only and refer to commonly advertised rural properties for sale in the UK such as two bedroom cottages.

General advice for rural property sales in different areas of the UK:

  • England: Prices tend to be higher, especially in the South of England and in areas of outstanding natural beauty, such as the Cotswolds or the Lake District, where many rural Edwardian houses can be found. There is also a great deal of competition for rural properties in Cornwall, for example.
  • Scotland: Rural properties in the Highlands or remote areas might be at the lower end, while those near Edinburgh or in the Scottish Borders could be higher.
  • Wales: Offers a range of prices, with more affordable prices for remote properties in Wales and higher prices in sought-after locations like the Pembrokeshire coast.
  • Northern Ireland: Generally, Northern Ireland provides more affordable rural property options, with prices varying by location and property size/type.
A rural property for sale in the UK which has been renovated.
One option to save money when buying a rural property is to renovate an existing building, such as this beautifully renovated farmhouse. Photo © Michael Fox (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Common Rural Property Questions

What is the most affordable location for rural property in the UK?

The most affordable rural properties in the UK are typically found in Wales, Northern Ireland, and certain parts of Scotland, such as the Scottish Borders and the Highlands. These areas offer a mix of scenic landscapes and lower property prices, making them attractive options for those seeking a rural lifestyle without the high costs associated with more sought-after locations in England.

Do rural properties tend to be less expensive than urban ones?

Yes, rural properties are generally less expensive than their urban counterparts. The cost of rural homes is often lower due to factors such as the distance from city centers, lesser demand, and the abundance of available land. This affordability makes rural properties appealing to those seeking more space and a closer connection to nature without the premium prices associated with city living.

Where can you find the most affordable rural properties for sale in Wales?

The most affordable rural properties in Wales are often found in areas such as Powys and the Valleys in South Wales. These regions offer a blend of picturesque landscapes and lower property prices, appealing to buyers seeking the tranquility of rural living without the higher costs associated with more popular coastal areas or the national parks.

How do I find rural property for sale near me

To discover rural properties for sale in your vicinity, engaging with local estate agents specialising in such homes is a good approach, as they often have access to listings not broadly advertised.

Can I buy cheap rural property for sale in Scotland?

It is possible to purchase affordable rural properties in Scotland, particularly in regions such as the Scottish Borders, the Highlands, and certain areas in the North East. These locations offer a range of budget-friendly rural homes, from cottages to plots of land, providing opportunities for those seeking the beauty and tranquility of Scottish rural life without the high price tag of more sought-after areas.

How To Start Your Search For A Rural Property

Finding the perfect rural property for sale in the UK requires a blend of traditional legwork and leveraging personal networks.

A practical first step is to engage with local estate agents in your area of interest. These professionals possess a deep understanding of the local market and often have exclusive listings that may not be widely advertised.

Visiting the area personally can also be incredibly beneficial; not only does it give you a feel for the community and lifestyle, but it also allows you to spot ‘For Sale’ signs that could lead to off-market opportunities.

Engaging with community members, such as local shopkeepers, pub owners, local farmers or parish council members, can provide invaluable insights into upcoming sales or properties that may soon be available.

Attending local property auctions can be a fruitful method for finding rural properties for sale, especially those that might need some renovation.

Register with a local auction house and let them you you are specifically interested in a rural property. The property auction house will notify you when houses or cottages that fit your requirements become available.

Word of mouth plays a crucial role in rural communities, and expressing your interest to the right people can often lead to discovering hidden gems before they’re widely known.

Photo showing a remote rural property for sale.
One solution to save money is to buy an older and more remote rural property for sale.
Photo © Peter Barr (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Rural Property Tips And Advice

When you begin exploring rural properties for sale in the UK, consider unique opportunities such as securing land for a caravan, renting land from a farmer for more flexible use, or discovering an abandoned property for sale that offers potential for renovation.

The dream of building a home in the woods or renovating a derelict property into a bespoke rural retreat requires a keen understanding of local planning laws, the feasibility of utilities installation, and the challenges of integrating into rural settings.

These options not only cater to a range of rural living aspirations but also necessitate a detailed assessment of access issues, especially in adverse weather, and the capacity for self-sufficiency and sustainability.

In a nutshell, when it comes to finding the rural property for sale that is perfect for you and your family, take your time, don’t rush into any arrangements and be open minded when viewing rural houses.

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