How To Find Rural Property For Sale

How to find rural property for sale

How To Find Rural Property For Sale

Finding the dream rural property for sale is a similar process to buying any other kind of property. You can make searches on the Internet, go through an established chain of estate agents or look for an independent estate agent that specialises in this type of property. Other options are to scan local newspapers and keep an eye out for ‘For Sale’ signs.

Securing the right property in the right area can be a matter of diligent research, tenacity and an element of luck. If you have a set idea of the kind of property you are looking for it is a good idea to make some compromises as it is unlikely you will get everything on your wish list. It is also sensible to keep to your budget especially when you are using finance to buy.

Looking For Cheap Rural Property

Parts of the UK have some of the highest property prices in Europe and some of these areas are rural. However, if you can be flexible about where you want to buy you can certainly find cheap rural property for sale in many areas of the UK.

In the North West there is the Wyre Valley which is largely rural but has easy access to Preston, Lancaster and Blackpool. Copeland in Cumbria is another affordable rural area where house and flat prices are considerably lower than some of the other more well known and popular rural parts of the UK.

Where To Start Finding Rural Property For Sale In The UK

There are several companies which specialise in advertising and selling rural properties in all area of the country.

Using quality estate agents that advertise rural property for sale will enable you to compare prices in different locations and will also allow you to focus on a particular area if that is your choice. Most websites have a good selection of photographs and will put in price details and sometimes floor plans. If you are concentrating your search on a certain area you can approach a local estate agent who is familiar with the location.

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Searching For Empty Rural Property For Sale

Many areas of the UK have seen a decline in rural economy and this has left a plethora of both homes and commercial premises empty. The buildings available are often shops, farm buildings or workshops. Some local authorities will have a list of empty properties so it is worthwhile approaching the council to see if there is an opportunity to buy.

Some of the many empty rural properties may be suitable for conversion into a home but make sure that there is permission for a change of use before considering buying. It is also worthwhile checking out the transport infrastructure and facilities like broadband before committing to the purchase of any building.

Can I Buy A Rural Property That Is Unregistered?

There are some properties in the UK that remain unregistered but this does not always mean that there is a problem over ownership. If the seller has the title deeds they can register the property before selling or the new owner must do this. Any unregistered property must be added to the Land Register when a transaction takes place. i.e. a sale or transfer of title.

Rural Property With Land

Rural property with land attached can be a great investment. You can find a 2 bedroom stone cottage with an acre of garden or a larger house with a smallholding. One area where this kind of property is more prevalent is Wales where a 4 bedroom house with 3 acres can cost as little as £420,000.

Investing in a rural property with land opens up business opportunities for holiday lets or a work from home business. You can find properties with workshops and barns and many are within easy reach of motorway links.

Rural Property FAQ

Is it easy to find a rural property for sale?

There are still plenty of rural properties for sale in the UK if you look in the right areas. Some parts of the country, such as Cornwall, have become rather expensive due to the proximity of the region to London, whereas other areas such as Scotland and northern England are still within a reasonable property price bracket.

Do Rural Properties Have Mains Drainage?

Some rural property for sale will not have a mains connection. Many farms and cottages have a septic tank which needs regular emptying and maintenance. Some of the tanks may lie on neighbouring land so be sure that you can have access to the location.

Do Public Rights Of Way Run Through Rural Properties?

A public right of way may well run through the land attached to a rural property. It is important to check whether there are any bridleways or footpaths that cross the land you are buying.

Can I Add An Extension To My Rural Property?

Some rural property for sale may be situated in a conservation area or one that is designated an area of outstanding natural beauty. In this case there could be restrictions on building or adding an extension.

Is Rural Property A Good Investment?

The lower price of some rural property for sale compared to city property can make it a good investment. Over the past decades prices have risen steadily showing returns of around 12% although there was a dip during the 1990’s.

You can still get a good return over a long period. However, as with other investments like gilts or equities, property prices can go down as well as up. Take expert advice before making any investment into rural property.

Discovering Remote Rural Property For Sale

If you are looking for remote or isolated rural properties in the UK, there are plenty available. Areas like Northumberland, Cornwall and West Wales have lots of large houses that can be purchased for a lot less than a smaller property in the cities.

Some properties for sale in remote locations offer opportunities to combine a business and residence. You can buy a 6 bedroom house with a cafe or an existing bed and breakfast business. Some unusual buildings are also for sale in remote areas, There are abandoned chapels and even some windmills. Just be sure that planning permission is granted for a change of use.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Buying Rural Property?

The advantages of living in a rural property seem very obvious. It is a very private existence and if you choose somewhere remote you may not have a neighbour for several miles. Gardens are larger so you can have as many pets as you want and space to grow food. You will be close to nature and wildlife and living in a rural area can be much less stressful than living in a city.

For every upside there is a down and there can be disadvantages to living in the countryside. Schools for children can be several miles away as can large shops. Job opportunities may be limited although if you work from home and have good broadband this may not be a problem. Winter brings its own difficulties with snow blocked roads, electricity outages or possible flooding. Finally, there is little in the way of entertainment in the countryside. So, think about what is important to your lifestyle before looking for rural property for sale.

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